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7 Cliffside Beach Mansions For Sale In Victoria That Will Actually Make You Drool

Private beaches and waterfalls = the ultimate luxury.

Dreaming about one day owning the perfect home is so much fun. From extravagant architecture to all the cool amenities you could think of, most of us have a pretty good idea what we want. These 7 mansions for sale in Victoria B.C. are checking all the boxes for us and you need to see how spectacular they are. 

Us millennials may not be able to own a home for another 52 years, but at least we can look at them for free. 

Canada is a treasure trove of trendy and breathtaking homes. From mansions with extravagant movie theatres to stunning reimagined cabins, we love seeing what the real estate market has to offer. Including these unbelievable houses in Victoria that are situated right on the cliffs of Vancouver Island. 

These houses are worth multi-millions for many reasons, but the real selling factor is the incredible views. The mountain landscape against the crashing ocean waves is something to marvel at and all of these homes have it. Plus, the private beaches, infinity pools and waterfalls definitely add value.

Take a look at some of these jaw-dropping cliffside homes in Victoria and try not to drool.

3190 Humber Road


Description: This 5,271 square foot house has five bedrooms and five baths. Every room has views of the mountains and the ocean. With a massive yard right on the rock side, it’s not a bad place to spend an afternoon.

[image 5db9c1aaba9251075c0875a0]

2530 Queenswood Drive

Price: $6,280,000

Description: This 6,103-square-foot property is located on 1.74 acres of private land. There are multiple patios to lounge on and take in the ocean views from every angle.

[image 5db9c239fd3a01077258d1bf]

2676 Queenswood Drive 


Description: Just down the road from the previous home is another wicked mansion. This one boasts a full-sized gym, library, and more than enough bathrooms for the entire family.

[image 5db9c32df5fb3006698d0fc3]

1851 Crescent Road 

Price: $4,880,000

Description: One of the smaller houses on the list, this estate is 4,810 square feet. The house itself is stunning and is basically made of windows. The infinity pool out back will make for the perfect place to hang out; and did we mention it has a waterfall?

[image 5db9c38ff4628407679e5be9]

273 King George Terrace 

Price: $5,200,000

Description: This place is massive and has double the amount of bathrooms when compared to bedrooms. There is also a beach house so feel free to invite friends over to stay the night. Either way, you will be taking in the crashing ocean waves.

[image 5db9c441fd3a01077258d20e]

1941 Crescent Road 

Price: $5,700,000

Description: If you’re looking for private beach access, then this is the place for you. This 5,026-square-foot home is walking distance from your own personal beach vacation. Not to mention it has a massive infinity pool, hot tub, and all the deck space you could want.

[image 5db9c5a7f4628407679e5c36]

999 Beach Drive 

Price: $6,750,000

Description: With 225 feet of low bank waterfront, you will have all the surf you can handle. Not to mention you will have views of Mt. Baker, which is gorgeous in every season.

[image 5db9c699ba9251075c08767a]

If you happen to be in the market for a home that makes you feel like you own your own private island, one of these homes might be for you. Just be sure to invite us to the house warming party.

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