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7 Mindful Practices Canadians Have Learned Over The Past Year & Should Keep With Them

Refresh your mind.

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7 Mindful Habits Canadians Have Learned Over The Past Year
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Life comes from all angles, and everyone has been put to the test recently. Over the past year, working from home has made it easy for the hours to blend into one another.

On the other hand, as life starts picking up again for Canadians, daily routines might become a bit overwhelming. From morning traffic to working late nights, sometimes it's hard to set aside time to reflect.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget to take little moments of refreshment in your everyday life. If the pandemic taught anyone anything, it's the importance of taking care of what really matters. For a while, people's priorities drastically shifted, and they went from overworking themselves to engaging in acts of self-care.

With this in mind, Tic Tac® launched the Refreshing Moments program in Canada, a campaign that encourages people to hit the pause button and enjoy the little moments in their lives. As daily routines become more overwhelming, Tic Tac® hopes to help people slow down a little, encouraging activities and connection.

So, the next time you feel like you've hit that 3 p.m. wall as you WFH, study or get on with your daily life, allow yourself the break you deserve. Whether it's through the power of music, exercise, dance, meditation, craft or simply reading a good book, everyone could use a gentle reminder to enjoy some valuable time out. Find some time in your day, every day, and give these seven mindful practices a try.

Cut Yourself Some Slack Every Now & Then

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When you get caught up with work, school and life in general, stress can become a constant companion (and not a supportive one). If you're biting off more than you can chew, step back and acknowledge that it's okay to take a break.

Over the past year, Canadians have learned to hit pause. It's important to remember to continue these good habits. Go for a walk and listen to your favourite podcast, read a few pages of your book or call someone you miss to catch up. For an extra dash of refreshment and a burst of flavour, you can add Tic Tac's Big Berry Adventure to any of your breaks.

Stay Mindful With Meditation

You're likely familiar with the concept of meditation, but perhaps you've never really explored it. While there are many different kinds of meditation, mindfulness meditation works to help you let go of thoughts and stay in the present. Initially, you might have a hard time mastering the art, but practice makes perfect.

Focus on your breathing and, before you know it, you'll be experiencing the peace and connectedness that meditation can bring you. If you're not sure where to start, you can try this guided meditation hosted by Tic Tac Canada in partnership with @nakdhealth and @laurranel.

Let Nature Ground You

Modern life is full of things that can leave you feeling stressed and disconnected. Stepping into nature and engaging in outdoor activities for just 10-30 minutes a day can refresh your mind and shift your perspective.

From yoga and walks to working in the garden or cruising on your bicycle, there are plenty of ways to benefit from the outdoors. Make a habit of exploring different activities and experiencing nature each weekend. Those moments of refreshment will help clear your mind.

Spend Your Spare Time With Loved Ones

When restricted to the four walls of their own homes, everyone was forced to spend more time than they were used to with their household. While it's easy to get on each other's nerves, this quality time with loved ones turned out to be a good thing.

This experience has opened people's eyes and made many realize the importance of cherishing moments. Creating strong bonds and memories with each other is an essential part of life. When you're caught up in the less important matters of living, it's the truly valuable things that get pushed to the side.

Sweat Out Your Stress

When you're feeling like you need to refresh your mind, unplug, and plunge yourself into something else, get your adrenaline pumping with a good workout. Whether you need to release stress or just detach, exercise can be your productive best friend.

It doesn't need to be an intense HIIT workout to get the job done; you can also engage in yoga, go for a walk or dance around your living room. Any movement counts, and you'll reap the benefits either way.

Ask For Help If You Need It

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There's no denying it: things have been tough the past year and a bit. If you're having a hard time, it's important to remember that you're not alone. The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is not to suffer in silence but to reach out for help instead.

By reaching out to friends, family or organizations set up to offer support, you might be able to find new ways to connect with yourself and those close to you.

Think Of All The Things You're Grateful For

To maintain a positive attitude, reduce stress and refresh your mindeach day, one of the best things you do is to practice gratitude. Taking note of everything you appreciate can have immense benefits for your overall well-being.

Research has demonstrated that, while gratitude takes time and consistency, it can have a lasting positive effect on the brain. It's easy to get started. Just set aside a notebook and make it your designated gratitude journal, where you can write down whatever it is that you find yourself grateful for in that moment.

When practicing mindful habits, you're actively refreshing your mind and mood, helping you to see the world in a more positive way. It's important to keep these good practices as life gets busier. And if you need some extra refreshment and a delicious dose of fruity flavours along the way, you can add a Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure to your daily break. Tic Tac® mints are available at most grocery and convenience stores in Canada.

To learn more about taking a refreshing moment every day with Tic Tac®, check out Tic Tac Canada's website or follow them on Instagram.

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