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7 Photos That Prove Just How Much Justin Trudeau Loves Halloween

He's had some pretty terrible costumes over the years.
7 Photos That Prove Just How Much Justin Trudeau Loves Halloween

Many Canadians love the fall season, and it seems that the Prime Minister and his family are no different. From picking spooky pumpkins to dressing up together on Halloween, the Trudeaus seem happy to share their fall adventures with their millions of social media followers, every year. After a deep-dive into the Instagram profiles of Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, here are 7 photos that prove just how much the Trudeaus love Halloween.

Like many Canadians, the Trudeau family seems to enjoy going all-out when the Halloween season comes around. Despite recently being outed as someone who’s had a poor taste in costumes (i.e. blackface) in the past, the Prime Minister’s more recent Halloween outfits have landed him in less hot water.

While his recent Halloween costumes are often more comical than actually scary, Trudeau seems to really enjoy dressing up for the occasion with his family, and has often taken to social media to share their latest outfits with his millions of followers.

Between pumpkin picking, parliament pranks and spooky family portraits, here are some of Justin and Sophie Trudeau’s best Halloween social media posts.

Mid-Campaign Pumpkin Picking

Just weeks before Canada’s 2019 federal election, Trudeau proved that nothing is more important to him than pumpkin picking with his family.

Sharing this adorable collection of photos with his son, a very-excited Justin Trudeau acknowledged the seriousness of picking the right Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween Hecklers

You might think that having a job in parliament would get you out of dressing up for work on October 31 … it appears you’d be mistaken.

Trudeau obviously enjoyed this little Halloween prank that was pulled in parliament, taking to Instagram to write, “We had some hecklers at caucus this morning…”

Super Bad Costume Choice

Canada's actual Prime Minister actually dressed as Clark Kent/Superman for Halloween in 2017.

As Trudeau’s dress-up costumes go, it’s definitely not the worst decision he’s made, but it’s definitely, definitely not the best, either.

Pumpkins & A Leather Jacket

The Prime Minister shared this cute picture of his family pumpkin picking back in 2015.

Interestingly, he's wearing the same Liberal leather jacket that he wore to go pumpkin picking in the 2019 photo ... Maybe it's a tradition?

Family Photo-Op

While it’s probably not a bad thing that Justin Trudeau has been playing it safe with his more recent Halloween costumes, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau clearly remembers that Halloween is for scary outfits.

This picture from 2018 shows the Prime Minister dressed as the hilariously un-scary Sherlock Holmes, while his wife and son have dressed as a dead white witch and an axe-wielding murderer - awesome!

Han-ds Cold-o

None of the Trudeau kids looked impressed with their dad's Halloween costume in 2015. He said he's supposed to be Han Solo, but we all know he just wanted to keep warm that year.

We all know, Justin.

Pilot Costume 

In 2016, Trudeau dressed up as the pilot from the Little Prince, while his adorable son dressed up as the Little Prince. Kinda cute, kinda terrible.

After his blackface scandal earlier this year, it remains to be seen what the Prime Minister will dress up as for Halloween 2019.

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