7 Throwback Photos Of Gurkiran Kaur That Prove She's Always Been A Style Icon

Fashion is not only her career, but her passion too.
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7 Photos Of Young Gurkiran Kaur That Prove She's Always Loved Fashion

It must be strange to live in the public eye, and this is something that business owner and fashion designer Gurkiran Kaur is learning pretty quickly. After gaining a lot of attention during Canada’s federal election, Kaur has become a fashion inspiration, and her incredible style is now the envy of thousands. Despite being new to the limelight, these photos of young Gurkiran Kaur prove she’s always been a fashion icon.

During the federal election of 2019, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh proved that he was the master of social media, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. However, it seems that he’s not the only one in the family who’s got a strong social media game, as his wife, Gurkiran Kaur, has a pretty big following of her own.

Kaur is an active social media user and often takes to her personal Instagram account to post incredible photos of her clothing, and to share sweet photos of her life with her family.

For Kaur, fashion is not only her passion, but it’s also her profession. She’s the co-founder of Jangiiro, a "new age" Punjabi clothing line that offers unique Punjabi clothing, personalized for each customer.

While she hasn’t always had a whopping 120,000 followers on Instagram, Gurkiran Kaur's old posts prove that her personal style has remained flawless throughout the years.

Sometimes style is all about straying away from the norm, and in this picture, Kaur proves that she can probably pull off any hairstyle. Back in 2015, Kaur tested out some aqua-coloured locks, and those mermaid-vibes definitely suit her.

This picture from 2016 shows just how good Kaur is at styling her own outfits. With a tidy bun and big earrings to compliment her shining dress, it's a 10/10 for accessorizing.

Classy, chic and fabulous, Kaur shows that you don’t have to be bougie to look a million dollars.

Showing off items from her own fashion label, Kaur proves that she’s just as good at dressing up as she is at dressing down. This glamorous look from 2016 has everything you could ever want from a well-accessorized outfit, and her make-up is on-point, too.

In a series of pictures from the evening of her engagement in January 2018, Kaur can be seen rocking an all-black jumpsuit and black sandals. Sophistication personified!

Sharing another piece from her own fashion label, Kaur proved in 2018 that she can pull off more gentle tones, as well as the bright, bold colours seen in other photos.

Back in 2018, Kaur wore this emerald dress to celebrate her birthday. The dress is so dreamy she almost looks like she's floating.

As it turns out, Kaur's husband, Jagmeet Singh, also benefits from her awesome fashion sense. Last month, she revealed that she often picks out the colour turban that Singh wears, usually to match her own outfit.

With such a variety of stunning outfits on display on her Instagram page, we'd love to check out her wardrobe. We're free any time, Gurkiran!

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