Have you ever thought of what the advantages of being in a state bursting with nature might be? For one, you don't have to leave its borders for a vacation. With plenty of sunny days coming our way, if you're planning romantic getaways near Seattle, we've got some ideas for you.

From hidden beaches, envious lake cabins and private islands to stays in the lap of wine country and secret hot springs, we've rounded up some affordable escapes that are only a short drive from Seattle. 

With this list, all you need to do is pack your bags and make those reservations. 

Drive Along Olympic Coastline

Distance From Seattle: 2-hour drive

Why You Need To Go: You can see Cape Flattery, an exotic spot that'll make you feel like you're in Crete, hike on a boardwalk to a hidden beach on Cape Alava or camp by a magical tree suspended mid-air.


Get Your Vino On In Wine Country

Distance From Seattle: Approx two to four hours depending on region

Why You Need To Go: Whether you choose to stay in this glam tent and ride rescue horses while you sip on wine in Yakima, sleep in a wine barrel, or have a full-on winecation in a Prosser vineyard, the grapes are calling!


Soak Up Gorgeous Sights Of The Gorge

Distance From Seattle: Approx 3-hour drive

Why You Need To Go: While the valley will see a lot of wildflower action in spring, it’s also peak waterfall season, meaning, it’s the best time to hit up Palouse Falls or rent that hot tub sitting on the bluff.


Hike To A Secret Hot Spring

Distance From Seattle: Approx. 1.5-hour drive

Why You Need To Go: This exclusive natural hot spring gives you the best view of Washington's valleys, mountains, and forests while you're warmly soaking with your boo.


Rent A Whole Island

Distance From Seattle: Approx. 1.5-hour drive

Why You Need To Go: Ever had a Blue Lagoon fantasy of being the only ones on a secluded island? You can rent this cabin (on a private island in the bluest waters) for only $69 to see your dreams through.


Or Go Island-Hopping

Distance From Seattle: Approx 3-hour drive + ferry

Why You Need To Go: Take a scenic ferry ride to San Juan or Orcas, watch some whales, sample fresh oysters, and kayak to secluded islets. Most of them are "marine parks" that let you camp out for the night in orchards bustling with deer too.


Getaway To A Treehouse Village

Distance From Seattle: Approx 26-minute drive

Why You Need To Go: There's a whole village of one-of-a-kind houses up in the trees, plus you can borrow picnic supplies for a garden party by a secluded creek.