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These 7 Scenic Waterfalls In Canada Should Definitely Be On Your Staycation Bucket List

From coast to coast, they'll help refresh and refuel you.

These 7 Scenic Waterfalls In Canada Should Definitely Be On Your Staycation Bucket List
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With the sun shining and temperatures rising across the country, it's the perfect time for an adventure. Whether you're into hiking, biking, taking a road trip or chilling in a hammock, there's no wrong way to soak up the beauty of a Canadian summer.

One unique way to experience the country's beauty is by taking a tour of its many waterfalls. From the powerful, towering cascades of B.C. to the serene swimming holes on the East Coast, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy these natural wonders.

With all the walking, hiking and swimming you'll do while exploring Canada's magical waterfalls, you'll need to stay fueled so that you can make the most of your day. Before you head out on your journey, remember to pack snacks to keep you going.

Protein bars like the light and crispy snacks from the plant-based brand SimplyProtein® are ideal (and they have delicious choices like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut, Lemon Coconut Flavour and Dark Chocolate Almond).

No matter what corner of the country you call home, there are some truly wondrous waterfalls awaiting you, like these seven spectacular destinations.

Takakkaw Falls

Address: Yoho National Park, BC

At over 300-metres tall, Takakkaw Falls of B.C.'s beautiful Yoho National Park is Canada's second-highest waterfall. If you're planning a trip to Yoho, this glacier-fed cascade is one of the top highlights of the park.

There is a short, paved trail from the car park to the falls to a viewing area where you can relax, grab a snack and bask in the refreshing mist and mesmerizing sound of rushing water.

Niagara Falls

Address: Niagara Falls, ON

The sheer volume of water coming from these huge falls is truly magnificent. The widest of the area's three falls, Horseshoe Falls, comes in at about 670 metres wide.

Viewing the falls is just one of the many attractions at Niagara. A bustling tourist town has popped up near this world-famous natural feature, chock-full of restaurants, shops and entertainment for the whole family. When it's time for a quick snack break, tucking into your SimplyProtein® snack bar will help you stay energized and ready for more adventure.

Athabasca Falls

Address: Jasper National Park, AB

One visit to Athabasca Falls and you'll totally understand why this destination has a reputation as one of the most stunning waterfalls in the country.

The mighty Athabasca River, which is fed by the Athabasca Glacier, is what makes this waterfall one of the most powerful in the Rockies national parks. Over time the sheer force of the water has cut its own canyon into the limestone beneath the falls. You can get surprisingly close to the falls at the viewing area and snap a great photo — just don't drop your phone!

Butcher Hill Falls

Address: Truro, NS

Enjoy the easy, short hike to Truro's Butcher Hill Falls, where you'll find a magical grotto to swim around and relax in.

The beautiful two-tiered waterfall plunges into a deep pool which feeds a series of cascades that wind their way through the shallower rocks. This is a lovely place to cool off, have a swim, read a book or take a nap.

Montmorency Falls

Address: Montmorency Falls Park, Quebec City, QC

Montmorency Falls, an 83-metre-high waterfall fed by Quebec's Montmorency River, is surrounded by some awesome spots where you can capture the beauty of this natural wonder.

It's a bit of a hike, so it's good to bring plenty of water and a plant-powered snack like a SimplyProtein® bar to help keep you fueled up. After climbing the wooden staircase, you'll be treated to a choice of viewing platforms and an epic suspension bridge spanning the top.

There are other ways to enjoy this beautiful spot, including via cable car all the way from the base of the waterfall to the top of the cliff, and even a zipline that brings you face-to-face with the falls

Helmcken Falls

Address: Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC

Within the Cariboo Mountains of B.C. is one of the country's most impressive waterfalls. The provincial park surrounding it, Wells Gray, was created to protect these very falls that are arguably the park's most popular draw.

Here, the water rushes over a hollowed cliff and a large canyon at the base from spring through fall. It's worth visiting Helmcken in the winter too, when the cold causes an incredible ice formation to climb the height of the falls.

Kakabeka Falls

Address: Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, ON

If you happen to be in or around Thunder Bay, you can't miss Kakabeka Falls. Known as "Niagara of the North," these falls are Ontario's second-highest at 40 metres tall and are open all year long.

With fewer tourists to contend with, you might appreciate the more laid-back vibe that these falls offer. To get the best view possible, take the boardwalk trail around the waterfall's upper section.

From world-renowned attractions like Niagara Falls to secluded hideaways like Butcher Hill Falls, Canada has amazing waterfalls to visit no matter which province you find yourself in. The next time you plan a busy trip to any of Canada's gorgeous waterfalls, remember to pack plenty of snacks.

SimplyProtein® bars are packed with plant-based energy to help you tackle some of Canada's best hikes and waterfalls. And they're available in four yummy flavours — Peanut Butter Chocolate, Lemon Coconut Flavour, Dark Chocolate Almond, and Chocolate Coconut— designed to help everyone get enough fuel to keep going physically and mentally.

With deliciously simple, plant-powered fuel for all, SimplyProtein® snacks are all about energizing you during these adventures and in doing whatever it is you want to do.

For more info on how to refuel with SimplyProtein® check out their website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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