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7 Secret Bars You Have To Check Out Around The World

'Secret' bars are nothing new. Speakeasys have been around for as long as people have been drinking (which is a freakin' long time). 

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There's a certain intrigue about these type of watering holes. How do I get in? How do I find it? Is there a secret door? A password? And while there are no doubt countless secret or hidden bars in every city, we've narrowed it down for you with some of our favourites: 

PDT // New York, USA

New York has a huge 'secret bar' scene, each one more 'secret' and hard to get into than the next. PDT, which stands for Please Don't Tell, is ironically the most well known, but it's still fun to find these hidden spot. Located inside of a hot dog joint called Crif Dogs (that has AWESOME hot dogs) in Manhattan, you have to step into a pretty unassuming telephone booth and dial the number as directed. A voice will answer and let you know what the wait time is like. Once your time comes, you'll walk through the 'secret' door in the phone booth to a bevy of delicious cocktails crafted by some of New Yorks best mixologists. 

28 Hong Kong Street // Singapore 

Located near the busy and vibrant Clark Quay area of Singapore, it's a surprise to find this ambient, dim-lit, typical 'speakeasy' through an unmarked white door at the end of the street which gives the joint it's name. Their expertly crafted cocktails include Tiki-themed 28 Days Later with zombie rum, tropical fruit, and an oversized drink umbrella. This Singapore hot spot is often called the best bar in all of Asia, and for that alone should be added to your travel bucket list. 

Museum HR Giger Bar // Gruyères, Switzerland 

While not entirely hard to find or secret, one does need to make a special trip to this sci-fi inspired bar. H. R. Giger is the Swiss mastermind and designer behind the Alien franchise, which is exactly what this bar is reminiscent of. The walls, ceilings, chairs and pretty much everything else is covered in what seems to be spinal cords belonging to those creepy, crawly characters we know all to well from the Alien movies. There are even drinks like the Alien Blood, made from green vodka and baileys, to remind you where you are.  The bar is located in the museum that curates H.R. Giger's work and can be found directly across from the museum's door.  

Jules Basement // Mexico City, Mexico 

This place totally gives the dark, hedonistic vibe that's expected from a speakeasy. Perhaps and homage to Mexico's Dead of The Dead (or just cause they're cool), the decor is complete with giant scull tables, which is honestly enough of a reason to go. 

Cold Tea // Toronto, Canada 

I have personally been here over a dozen times, and I STILL walk by the entrance when in search for it. Located in Toronto's vibrant Kensington Market area, Cold Tea is accessible through the entrance of a strip mall with various venders selling anything from vintage jerseys to alpaca knit sweaters. Once you walk to the end of the hallway, you are confronted with an unmarked door with a light above it. If the light is on, it's open! You are then met by another small hallway where a lady is selling some damn good dim sum, and beside her, a door to the actual bar. Step right in from some great drinks, awesome tunes and a patio in the summer. 

No Vacancy // Los Angeles, USA

No Vacancy falls under the 'not-so-secret' secret bar category, but getting in is still a bit of a process. Situated in a Victorian style house, this bar has 3 possible entrance doors and you need to find the right one. Once you do you are greeted by a lady on a bed, with a very brothel-like vibe. Once you make it past her, you've found yourself in a beautiful courtyard that plays hosts to a variety of live acts and delicious cocktails and drinks for the very vibrant, Hollywood crowd. 

Moonshiner // Paris, France 

What more romantic and ambient city to go to a speakeasy? Paris is definitely the spot for dimly lit salons with well crafted cocktails, and Moonshiner is the spot for both. A well dressed clientele can be seen making its way through a pizza joint called Da Vito's to a door at the back to get to Moonshiner. There is a heavy emphasis on a literary theme here, with a drink even being served in a flask hidden in a hollowed out book. A book worm's (and alcohol enthusiast's) dream!

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