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7 Signs The Person You're Dating Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Everyone dates a trash bag once in their lives. Some people, more often than others. If you've been lucky in the dating department, you may not know the true horrors some S/O's reveal over the short (or tragically long) time you date them. Some of the behaviours can go pretty under the radar but still manage to be horrible in their own right. 

Even if you're not exclusive in a relationship, that doesn't give anyone a green light to treat you like shit. Please highlight this, favourite the page and keep it in your archives from now until you date an actual sweetheart. Reference these signs as true red flags bc they have proven to be true in SO many relationships. If you identify with 3 or more of these symptoms GTFO of there. 

1. Your best friend just sent you a screenshot of their Tinder account

This person is sketchtastic to say the least. If you guys have been dating for a decent amount of time and they're still actively swiping? Ouch. If you thought you both weren't dating other people, this is especially awkward. Even if you're not exclusive and you see your person updates their dating app in a major away?? Gross. Anyone who's still swiping while seeing you probably does not want to settle down. You should probably start swiping too.

2. They ignored your sister's Instagram follow, yet follow the hottest of your friends - who they haven't met

Brad, why are you following my friend who's also an Instagram model but continuously ignore my brother's follow?? This is just rude at a basic human level. No one is too cool their significant other's family or friends - anyone who refuses to simply does not think you're all that significant to their life. And someone who follows your hot friends? Um, is there any other way to say that they're just a douche on the prowl? Because there's not much more to it guys!

3. They don't give a sh*t how dirty their car/room is

If the person you're seeing truly doesn't gaf about how disgusting or messy their place is when you come over, do you honestly think they're holding your opinion all that highly? This person hardly cares about themselves & their own living space, how healthy do you think their mentality is? It's been proven that exterior spaces reflect interior feelings, so really this is a big no that a lot of people overlook. A good bf/gf will make sure their sheets aren't filthy and there's TP on the roll for you.

4. They are scarily rude/mean to waiters, servers and staff

SOS. If they are shitty to strangers, they will be disastrous to you later on. This, I promise. Inconsiderate people are the W O R S T. They will not text you to see if you get home okay and WILL yell at you for being 10 minutes late to drinks. Proceed with so much caution.

5. They are a party animal with no signs of slowing down

Yeah, they go to the club twice a weekend even if they're feeling shitty. They are popping bottles, meeting models and constantly in the fast lane - which is fun for about 2seconds. Weekend after weekend of waking up wasted next to your BF, empty bottles of Grey Goose and 20 assorted strangers is not romantic or even hot - it's basic, and quite honestly, boring.

6. They mooch off you a little too much to be cute

Stealing some of your fries? Sure. Driving your car once and a while? Totally fine. How about putting your apartment up as an AirBnB without telling you, to 'make some extra cash'? Or even borrowing cash from you? Staying over all the time? Or asking you to pick up the tab basically always? This is an opportunist, not your boyfriend or girlfriend. And they'r taking you for a ride - just not a sexy one.

7. They won't commit to you 

And thank-god for that. Personally, I would've settled for many a douchebag in my day who did not want to be with me. People who are bad for you do not want to get into something serious with you; 1, because they are garbage. and 2. because they know they're garbage on some insane level. The universe is dodging this horrible, dating bullet for you. You can and will do better than this human who is literally treating you like garbage or how I imagine Mariah Carrey would treat her 3rd favourite gopher. You deserve better!! Go forth and find them, bb.

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