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7 Ways That Saudi Arabia Has Tried To Hurt Canada During Massive Feud So Far

Saudi Arabia is going all out to cut ties with Canada.
7 Ways That Saudi Arabia Has Tried To Hurt Canada During Massive Feud So Far

If you’ve somehow missed it Canada has apparently pissed off Saudi Arabia by raising the country’s terrible human rights record.

Saudi Arabia has responded with a number of measures against Canada since our Foreign Affairs department of government raised the issue.

READ ALSOSaudia Arabia Is Expelling Their Canadian Ambassador And Freezing Trade With Canada Over This Tweet

Here’s a look at how the Saudis have attempted to hurt Canada so far.

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1. Expelled Ambassador  

#Statement | We consider the Canadian ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia persona non grata and order him to leave within the next 24 hours.

August 5, 2018

Saudi Arabia kicked the Canadian ambassador out of the country because of a tweet sent out through the Canadian government condemning the treatment of human-rights activists in the kingdom. It also recalled its own envoy to Canada as well.

2. Recalling Students 

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Saudi Arabia has also announced that it is withdrawing all the students from it who are currently studying in Canada. It plans to move them to schools in either the UK or the United States which have similar systems to Canada. Over 15,000 Saudis study in Canada currently and their loss likely means the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

3. Cancelling flights 

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As of August 13th, all flights from the kingdom and Toronto will be cancelled, making it much harder for people to travel between the two countries.

4. Stopping Healthcare 

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Just today Saudi Arabia announced that it is stopping all medical treatment of its citizens in Canada and will begin the process of moving them out of the country.

5. Trade Freeze 

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Saudi Arabia has also announced recently that it is going to be freezing all new trade with Canada. It has also stopped new investments being made in this country by it. Trade between Canada and the kingdom was about $4 billion dollars last year, largely owing to Canada selling the Saudis weapons and combat vehicles in a controversial deal.

6. Selling Off Mandate

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As part of its plan to stop investing in Canada and to try and hurt the Canadian economy the kingdoms central bank has ordered people to sell off their Canadian investments “no matter what the cost.” Stocks in Canadian markets fell yesterday in part to a massive sell-off by an unknown investor.

7. International Support 

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Saudi Arabia has had a whole host of countries come out and support its position in this ongoing dispute including, Russia, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Palestinian. Many of Canada’s allies, including the United States, have stayed silent on the issue.

Source: CNBC