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7 Things Loved Around The World That Actually Come From Canada

From french fries to diamonds.

7 Things You May Not Have Known Come From Canada

Buying local can be hard in a world where global goods find their way onto store shelves a lot more easily than Canadian products — or so it appears. If you're trying to buy everything local, from your food to your furniture, you might be pleased to know Canada has a bigger presence around the world than some may think.

The reality is that from the Maritimes to the West Coast, Canadian goods are all around. Did you think that cowboy boots only came from Texas, or that the French were responsible for fries? These and other items — from orange juice to locally sourced diamonds — are made right here in Canada.

Curious what else you (and the world) love that actually comes from Canada? Hold on to your hat.

Most Of The World's Fries Are Made In The Maritimes

You can thank New Brunswick for the savoury scent of fried potatoes.

The province's small town of Florenceville-Bristol is considered the french-fry capital of the world. It's also home to McCain foods, which makes (among other things) a lot of potato products, including one quarter of the world's supply of frozen french fries.

Coins From Over 60 Countries Are Made In This Prairie Capital

Mike Rogal | Dreamstimel

Winnipeg may be known for its hot summers and chilly winters, but the Manitoba capital is also home to the Royal Canadian Mint where all of Canada's loonies, toonies and other coins without cool nicknames are made.

This stunning building doesn't just fill Canadian pockets with change either. It produces coins for over 60 other countries, plus medals, medallions and bullion.

Diamonds Mined In Canadian Soil

Conflict-free diamonds are mined in the wilds of Canada's north — who knew? Maple Leaf Diamonds makes a wide variety of unique and classic designs in rings, necklaces and other jewelry. From mine to finger, these Canadian gems come with a certificate guaranteeing their origins. Plus, the collection is manufactured using Canadian Certified Gold — which is gold that's certified to have been mined and refined right here in Canada.

Slipping onto fingers since 2001, the Canadian-owned brand has a commitment to sourcing gems ethically and to giving back to northern communities.

The World's Swedish Fish Are Made In Hamilton

David Tonelson | Dreamstime

You've seen them at Halloween, at a friend's birthday party and in your grandmother's candy jar — they're Swedish Fish! They're a staple sweet for many Canadians but would you believe that, despite their name, they're not actually Swedish?

The colourful candies are produced in Hamilton, Ontario, at a factory that also makes other Maynards brands like Sour Patch Kids and Fuzzy Peaches

Delicious Orange Juice

A bottle of orange juice and a glass of orange juice on a countertop

Anete Lusina | Pexels

It turns out that Orange County (and other parts of California) don't produce all the orange juice we may see on our grocery store shelves. Juice company Minute Maid makes its range of juices in Peterborough, Ontario. The next time you're stocking up for mimosas, you can be proud to buy local.

According to Coca-Cola Canada (who own Minute Maid), 95% of all Minute Maid sold in Canada is also produced here. In fact, if you took all the concentrate produced by the Peterborough plant last year alone, you'd be able to "make enough juice to flow over Niagara Falls for nearly an hour and a half." Now that's how you get ants.

Cowboy Boots Made For Walking & Riding

Think the best cowboy boots come from Texas? Think again.

Winnipeg-based Canada West Boots is a third-generation family business making cowboy boots, plus a range of biker, work and dress boots for all genders. Canada West Boots doesn't sell direct to the public, but you can find a list of retailers on their website.

Some Of The World's Fastest & Lightest Bikes

2044photo | Dreamstime

There was one brand whose bikes took athletes to win 10 medals in the 2008 Olympics, and that brand was Canadian. Cervélo is a Toronto-based cycling shop that makes the world's fastest and lightest bikes using similar techniques to Formula One racing teams.

You don't need to be an Olympian to ride one either. Building road, trail, track and gravel bikes, Cervélo makes bikes for all sorts of riders.

Supporting Canadian businesses is an excellent way to show your appreciation for this great country. And after learning all of the above come from Canada, it's easier than ever to source your food, clothes, hobbies and even your diamonds from Canada.

Maple Leaf Diamonds offer unique designs that can be found online, at local jewelry retailers across Canada and around the globe in places like the UK, Italy, Australia and the USA. If you're looking to add a little sparkle to your (or your loved one's) life, consider keeping it local.

To learn more about Maple Leaf Diamonds check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.