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8 Animal Cams In BC That Let You See Adorable Animals From Your Living Room

Get ready to waste even more time. Like most of you, we can't get enough of cute animal photos on the internet. To help put a smile on your face, we've gathered a list of animal cams in B.C. that you see adorable animals from your living room.

Live feeds are so much better than photos when you need a cuteness fix. They let you enjoy around the clock up-close view, so it feels like you are getting closer to the animals. 

Plus, it's really calming to watch a bear nap live or sea creatures swimming and splashing around.

For excellent stress relief, you should check out the Vancouver Aquariums multiple live feeds. Not only is the sound of water soothing, but you can flip between numerous creature videos too.

Our top pick is the sea otter cams, where you might be lucky enough to spot two of them holding hands and floating in the water.

Meanwhile, if you click on Grouse Mountain's cam, you can watch Grinder and Coola. It will let you get a close view safely, of them relaxing in their den, but you might also see them standing up.

Get ready to spend hours watching these eight animal cams:

Penguins At The Vancouver Aquarium

Why You Need To Go: It is hard not to smile when you see the adorable African Penguins waddling around.

Wild ARC Critter Cam

Why You Need To Go: You'll get a behind the scenes view of wildlife rehabilitation area that isn't open to the public. Here the feed rotates between multiple cameras where you can see all sorts of orphaned creatures being cared for.

Bald Eagles At White Rock

Why You Need To Go: Multiple cameras allow you to enjoy an up-close look at Bald Eagles and little fluffy chicks in the nest.

Sea Lions At Hanson Island

Why You Need To Go: You need to hear the hilarious sounds the sea lions make as they sit on the rocks.

Bears At Grouse Mountain

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy a peek inside Grinder and Coola’s hibernation den where you can watch the two bears relax on a nap cam.

Herons At Stanley Park

Why You Need To Go: This feed is your chance to see one of North America’s largest urban great blue heron colonies. You'll even be able to take control of the cameras to zoom to specific areas to get a closer look.

Sea Otters At The Vancouver Aquarium

Why You Need To Go: You might get lucky and spot two sea otters floating on the water next to each other.

Orcas At Hanson Island

Why You Need To Go: You can see orcas splash in the water around Hanson Island and it's breathtaking.

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