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8 Brands In B.C You Can Get Hand Cream From If Hand-Washing Made Your Skin Dry

Save your hands. As you've amped up your hand washing game, chances are you've noticed your skin is feeling extra dry. Thankfully, that is easy to fix. We've gathered up a list of top brands in B.C. that have just what you need to make your life easier.

After days of washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, your hands might be feeling like sandpaper.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is better to stay safe. Once you are done washing your hands, slather on some cream lotion, and your hands will feel brand new.

Right now, local companies are feeling the pinch, as many of them had to reduce store hours and have dramatically fewer shoppers. So whenever possible, it is fantastic when you can give back and support your local community.

Plus, you'll feel good about your purchase too, as many of these products are made with all-natural products.

To save you wasting your free time looking for hand creams, we did all the work for you. There is even one that is antimicrobial too.

It is time to do some online shopping, and have your order sent to your front door. With so many incredible products, it will be easy to fill up your digital shopping cart.


Why You Need It: They carry a variety of rich body butters you'll want to use on your hands. Their scent ember has comforting smells like vanilla, jasmine and cardamom that will help you feel extra cozy.


Why You Need It: They have a huge range of lotions and even soap that won't leave your hands feeling greasy or dry. Our top pick is their safe hands, which is a 100% natural topical antimicrobial lotion.

Nezza Naturals

Why You Need It: Not only can you order lotions with scents like pumpkin spice, cocoa cafe, and coconut, but you can stock up on hand sanitizer too.

Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

Why You Need It: Their intensively moisturizing balm is what you need to save you dry and cracked hands. Plus, it has a soothing scent of lavender.

Gardener's Dream

Why You Need It: You won't have to worry about the ingredient list, as everything in their products is 100% natural.


Why You Need It: They carry three lightweight lotions that are made for daily use and will leave your hands feeling silky smooth.

Scentuals Natural Skin Care

Why You Need It: Their online store allows you to pick the scent you like, and you quickly find a few lotions that would be perfect for you.

Barefoot Venus

Why You Need It: This company has an entire line devoted to instant hand repair that comes in incredible scents like maple blondie, mango, and wild ginger.