The Canadian federal election campaign is almost at an end, and what an election it has been! Leaders and candidates from every party have been in the news for a number of reasons, and not all of them have been good. Canada's federal election in 2019 has seen plenty of scandalous stories that have rocked the campaigns of each party leader.

This election has seen its fair share of candidates attacking each other over policy and platforms, but it has also seen plenty of personal attacks and drudging up moments from the past. There have been controversies involving Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh, and Maxime Bernier, and not all of them have been so easily forgotten.

With only a few days left before the election, we're taking a look at some of the moments that left people's jaws hanging. These are the scandals, moments, and missteps that made the 2019 Federal Election campaign such a doozy.

Some of them might be considered worse than others, but one thing is for sure: they definitely won't be easily forgotten by the voting populace, and may even play a role in future elections.

These are by far the eight most WTF moments of the Canadian Federal Election.

Trudeau's Blackface Scandal

When the news broke that Justin Trudeau had worn blackface not once, but three different times, it put the Liberal Party and its leader on the defensive. It definitely wasn't something that people thought would ever come up in a Canadian election.

Scheer's Statements On Gay Marriage & Abortion

Andrew Scheer's statements on gay marriage from 2005 may be 14 years old, but his opponents were certainly able to use it against him in the current election. Similarly, Scheer's stance on abortion also put him in a tough position during the campaign.

Jagmeet Singh & The NDP Are Sued For Defamation

Jonathan Richardson was one of the NDP members who left the party in New Brunswick to join the Greens, and he is now suing both Jagmeet Singh and Charlie Angus of the NDP for defamation. Richardson claims that Singh and Angus said his exit from the party was "motivated by racism," according to Global News. Richardson denies this claim.

Richardson and the Green Party, however, falsely claimed that at least four members of the NDP had joined the Green Party in New Brunswick. Those party members confirmed that their names were added to the list of defectors without their consent.

Justin Trudeau's SNC Lavalin Troubles

When it was announced that Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion had determined Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act, it was obvious that Scheer and other candidates could use it as ammunition against him. At the time, it was not a good look for the Prime Minister, especially going into an election.

Elizabeth May's Photoshopped Coffee Cup

While it was a relatively minor scandal compared to the others on this list, it still wasn't a great look for the Green Party. A photo of Elizabeth May holding a coffee cup was retouched to make it look like she was using a Green Party branded reusable cup with a metal straw. Elizabeth May called the decision to do that "stupid."

Scheer Lies On His Resume

For weeks, Andrew Scheer had been talking about his experience working as an insurance broker in Saskatchewan before getting into politics. There was only one problem: Scheer was never officially licensed to be an insurance broker. It was a big misstep for a candidate whose party was saying Trudeau was "not as advertised."

Maxime Bernier Calls Greta Thunberg "Mentally Unstable"

Greta Thunberg has been travelling across North America to take part in climate strikes, including one held in Montreal. PPC leader Maxime Bernier gained some negative attention when he went on a Twitter rant and called Thunberg, who has Aspbergers, "mentally unstable."

Singh Is Told To Take Off His Turban

While Jagmeet Singh was campaigning in Montreal, he was told by someone that he should take off his turban in order to "look more like a Canadian." While Singh handled the situation gracefully, it was still pretty uncomfortable to watch.

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