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7 Canadian Influencers Who Have Built Successful Online Brands

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A phenomenon of sheer wonder has emerged from the treasure trove of opportunities that is the internet: self-branding. While some people may think it's difficult enough to merely get people to like your authentic self nowadays, paradoxically enough, it is now easier than ever to show the world who you are and what matters to you, by creating your own online brand.

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't ever felt the urge to share a little about their lifestyle, travels, hobbies and tons of other things. Yet, as anyone well-versed in content creation can attest to, TONS of Canadians are doing so on a large scale and enjoying all the success!

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Creating your own .CA domain name is KEY in expanding and broadcasting your personal brand online since it offers endless possibilities. It’s the creative space in which you can highlight every facet of yourself, what your deal is, and the messages you're trying to convey. Having a .CA domain name does something no other social platform can achieve: it acts as the ultimate hub where people who share your interests can consistently check out your personally curated content in all its forms.

If you're down to craft your own personal brand and embark on this thrilling digital journey, be sure to download .CA's Digital Me: Personal Branding in the Social Media Age ebook, full of expert tips and resources to get you started.

Check out these 7 Canadian influencers who are reaping the amazing rewards of their successful Canadian online brands

1. Vickie Laliotis

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Consider Vickie Laliotis your quirky, 90s-addicted, sartorial QUEEN! Her insanely inspiring and chuckle-inducing website/blog,, is the ultimate one-stop shop for ALL your style needs. A true fashionista and self-proclaimed "vintage junkie," Vickie dedicates well-written, candid blog posts to special garments, accessories, and trends that she's loving ATM. She also offers tips and tricks to amp up your blog, reinvent a piece, style an outfit differently, and so much more! She'll have you wishing you were her real-life BFF.

By weaving her voice and witty humour into her written posts, Vickie capitalizes on the advantages of having her own .CA domain name, allowing her to display all aspects of her infectious personality.

Becoming a highly seasoned girlbo$$ with your online brand, like Vickie, is even more satisfying by highlighting your Canadian roots, proving that inspired, driven self-starters with personal-branding dreams can DEFS establish a big influencer name for themselves by sticking to a trusty .CA!

2. Gracie Carroll

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Torontonian Gracie Carroll is the epitome of an innovative, fab woman who's killing it IRL! Largely entertaining and visually-striking, houses awesome blog posts written by her and a few carefully handpicked, talented contributing editors. Her page serves hype editorial vibes that we're SO living for!

From fitness and food to beauty and fashion (and, literally, everything in between!), Gracie's content choice is so on-point; it's no wonder people are crushing on her page. Followers can check out recurrent thematic posts such as #WeTriedIt (the team's group review of a product) and #FounderFiles (Gracie's interviews with company CEOs).

As editor-in-chief, Gracie has full control of what she chooses to reveal to her audience. Her .CA's success undoubtedly helps foster her overall brand; having contributing editors who totally get her vibe enables Gracie to simultaneously curate her content and branch out by using their different voices and niches to diversify her blog.

3. Ande Garcia

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Ontarian Ande Garcia is a makeup artist, skin care specialist, and fashion addict who's been hard at work building her online .CA brand,, since 2007!

Ande is well-known as an overall beauty expert, so when her followers need to know what's the hottest makeup release RN, the latest skin care procedures, or whatever else is trending in the beauty community, she's always got them covered with her fun and comprehensive "Ande Likes" blog posts.

 4. Joanna Venditti

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Okay, brace yourselves: Ontarian Joanne Venditti's success story is remarkable! In early 2015, her blog,, really took off when she started documenting frank, detailed accounts of her struggles and joys with life as a busy mom of four (including two twins!). After one of her posts went viral, she dedicated herself even more to Nesting Story. The crazy success of her blog helped catapult her into the Youtube world, where she now has 58K subscribers, over 400 videos, and nearly 7M total views! Brutally honest parenting anecdotes, impressive home decor and DIY projects, and wellness hacks - Nesting Story truly is a cornucopia of awesomeness.

From delivering twins to becoming a bonafide content creator - Joanne is an outstanding example of how anything really IS possible when you build your online brand with the best tools. Although combining your .CA domain with other social-media platforms definitely serves to bolster and expand your brand, your audience will always revert back to your mainstay; this is why it’s crucial to devote time and effort into posting unique, interesting content on your .CA blog.

5. Nicole Rae

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Hamilton-bred blonde Nicole Rae is another go-to gal for in-depth beauty-product reviews and lifestyle content on her website, This accomplished blogger and influencer gives off such happy energy and delivers such detailed blogs that it's impossible not to smile and instantly trust her makeup recommendations and style tips!

Successful branding does have a lot to do with exposure, and when you have a .CA website, it encourages other like-minded entrepreneurs, bloggers, and dreamers with big personal-branding goals of their own to share their interests, beliefs, and passions online in the same way!

6. Ana Cruz

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Montreal lifestyle blogger Ana Cruz is the perfect go-to for anything and everything to do with fashion and beauty. Her super cute website, offers beautiful photos and tips on how to dress like a star and where to track down the latest beauty trends. And although her personal brand is totally in the domain of beauty, a lesser known fact about Ana? She co-owns Studio Kreativ, a successful photography and videography media company born out of her love for - and successes in - both those domains!

If YOU'RE a pro at something, no matter what it is, there's a space for your brand in today's all-inclusive, multifaceted digital world. A blog is the most effective way to share what makes you tick with an online community that finds your content relevant. There's no doubt that launching your own .CA will be the catalyst that gets the word circulating about your online brand and boosts its popularity.

7. Davindra Ramnarine

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Travel-loving, cuisine-obsessed tech expert Davindra Ramnarine uses his Goat Roti Chronicles blog,, to showcase all the personal interests that invigorate his life. If you're looking for a review on the newest cellphone, a delicious Toronto food event, or a nice staycation recommendation, the GRC has you covered!

It’s super dope for Davindra's followers to see him boast a proudly Canadian .CA domain name. Plus, it inspires them to believe in their own personal-branding goals and achieve a whopping level of success and sense of fulfillment they never thought possible.

Real talk: How inspired are you to hit the ground running with your own online brand after reading about how these 7 Canadians managed to turn their passions into successes?

In your endeavour to build your own online brand, highlighting your Canadian roots by maintaining a trusted .CA is vital in jumpstarting your successful career. It is the cornerstone of any influencer's sustained longevity in that it accomplishes more than a 140-character Twitter post or 15-second Insta story ever could. It is your brand’s most diverse, effective, and far-reaching official platform. Serving as your online brand’s foundation that audiences consistently revisit, your .CA domain name allows you as much control and creativity as you wish.

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Nothing can replace having a digital destination that followers will automatically type into a search engine when they think of your brand; and THAT is the ultimate power of building your brand with a hype .CA domain name. Downloading .CA's insightful Digital Me ebook will show you exactly why it's the PERFECT time to be a Canadian online right now!

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