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8 Dating Trends Of 2017 That Make Relationships Confusing AF

Which ones are you guilty of?
8 Dating Trends Of 2017 That Make Relationships Confusing AF

One thing we can all agree on- dating in 2017 is HARD AF. If you're not already cuffed, putting yourself out there is a gruesome battle. While dating is hard enough, there are many other aspects of modern dating that make it even more difficult. I'm not talking just the phenom that is online dating, but also the the hookup culture trends that are picked up and created along the way.

I think almost everyday, there is a new dating term that pops up and pretty much ruins lives. It is so hard to keep up with dating as it is, and then trends emerge and you're back to square one. Here are the latest and greatest (insert eye roll here) that have hit the scene lately that will make your relationship more confusing than it already may be!

1. Breadcrumbing

This is the trend that is played up hard by people who honestly just want an ego boost. They give you just enough attention to keep you hooked, but not enough to actually build a real relationship with you. They wiggle a bone in your face like you're a puppy so you keep coming back to drool over them. If you've seen "He's Just Not That Into You", Scarlett Johansson's character is the ultimate breadcrumbing expert!

2. Benching

Other than a sports reference, this dating trend is a very common one, especially in the world of online dating. Like it's sports term, it means to have a full roster of potential people that you can date, and while some of those people are "in play", the others are getting enough attention to be considered, but aren't actually in the game. You are texting and snapchatting, but you're not being taken out or having interactions IRL. It gives you hope that you can be put into the action any minute, but also means that you will tend to put the rest of your dating life on hold till this person comes around...

3. Ghosting

What is it: This one is a classic really. You're dating someone, it's going so well. You talk everyday, hang out often, pretty much doing everything you should be with someone you're dating. You feel like you and the person you're dating are headed for that magical ride into the sunset... and then BAM, they're gone into that sunset on their own and you have no idea what happened. You do not hear from them whatsoever, it's like they fell off the face of the earth. Were they even real? Your guess is as good as mine tbh.

4. Cushioning

This is by far one of the worst ones in my opinion because it is done by people in relationships. It is pretty much cheating on your partner emotionally, because while you're with them, you're lining up potential partners to hit up post break up. You are telling these people you want to be with them, but can't be until you're relationship is over for good. These people are being lined into your roster slots for the second you and your partner call it quits. Talk about being a dirtbag!

5. Love Bombing

A lesser known dating trend, this is when your partner is putting in all the work to make you feel like they are SO about you. They "fall in love" with you at lightning speed and are moving so fast your head is spinning. Then one day, total 180 and they feel nothing - aka heartbreaking at it's finest I would say.

6. Zombieing

This one goes hand-in-hand with "ghosting". So at first they have disappeared into thin air like they never knew you- leaving you to fend for yourself and come to the closure terms that you and this person are over. Shit feeling right? But, it gets WAY better when they rise from the dead like a damn zombie, prance their way back into your life like they never left and everything is fine.

7. Stashing

So you've been dating this amazing person for lets say 5-6 months. You think it's pretty serious by now and they've become a pretty big part of your life. They have met everyone important to you and it's perfect... but you have not met anyone significant in to them. Their family, friends, or literally anyone who is a part of their life is a big mystery. This trend is actually not all that new, but has finally been given a name. You are "stashed" away in a little drawer away from this person's life...making it seem to the people in their life that they are still on the market. Not a good feeling at all!

8. Submarining

This dating trend is very similar to the "ghosting/zombieing" mixture. The difference is that, like the term gives it away, this person submerges themselves and is gone for days, months, but they always reemerge like nothing has happened. And they do this continuously. They see nothing wrong with what they are doing, and usually will go out of their way to act like they have no idea what they're doing. They keep you waiting at shore, because you have gotten into the habit that once they leave, they always come back- and you are just hoping one day that changes so you wait.

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