8 Ridiculous 911 Calls Ontarians Have Made That Will Make You Shake Your Head

Unless you want to end up on this list, please don't do any of these things.
8 Ridiculous 911 Calls Ontarians Have Made That Will Make You Shake Your Head

You'd hope by now that people would know not to call a first response line for non-emergencies. However, a recent case of a woman phoning 911 about her commute is just the latest in the history of Ontarians making some pretty dumb 911 calls in Ontario. People have dialled to complain about food problems and being late for work, and it gets worse.

Calling police, paramedics, or fire services for no good reason is never a smart idea. Everyone knows the number is used for emergencies only, right? Well, it doesn't seem everyone knows that.

Just this week, for example, Peel Police released a recording of a call made by a woman who was late for her train and was looking for emergency services to give her a ride.

Knowing you're late for work is a horrible feeling, but calling 911 about it is a big nope.

That's just the latest provincial example, though.

We've compiled a list of eight bizarre 911 calls Ontarians have made in the past for pretty much no good reason at all.

"No Tomatoes!"

A man actually called Peel Police because he got tomatoes on his chicken sandwich. At first, he reported he was threatened by the restaurant owner. He later claimed he asked for no tomatoes on his sandwich because he's allergic to them.

"Ice Cream Can Truck Off"

In July 2019, Peel Police actually had to issue a tweet reminding people not to call 911 to complain about ice cream trucks stopping outside their homes. At least this is only seasonally stupid.

The Worst Number To Test Call

Back in 2018, a woman called 911 just to see if her new phone was working. Why you'd pick that number to test your phone with, we do not know. Since she hung up abruptly, the OPP had no choice but to patrol the area in an effort to find her.

Chores Are Bores

Back in 2018, a nine-year-old girl in Simcoe actually called 911 because her mom asked her to clean her room. Pretty bold move, but not the wisest. We imagine there was a sit-down chat in the house afterwards.

A Very Un-Happy Meal

Ever had cold food from a fast-food place? It's not great. But don't be like the customer who called Hamilton Police in 2018 because his McDonald's order wasn't hot after being delivered through Uber Eats. Don't do that.

Pizza The Action

A 32-year-old woman in Elgin called Leeds County OPP to complain her pizza wasn't ready when she showed up to the restaurant. Her 10-year-old son was with her at the time, getting a lesson in what not to do.

Several Times A Week

This one takes irresponsibility to a new level. A 33-year-old Hamilton man called 911 an incredible 249 times in 2018 and has been charged with providing false information. Police said that after the man in question made the call, he would stay silent, then hang up.

Amber Anger

Ontarians have called the police over Amber Alerts time and time again, and one man was actually charged for mischief. According to Hamilton, a 70-year-old man called 911 to "purposely tie up emergency lines." He was so angry that the alarm went off when he was trying to rest that he said he would continue to call the line because of it.

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