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You won't be able to go back to your old order. These are the top McDonald's secrets that every Canadian should know.

The next time you drive to the golden arches to satisfy your craving, it may be time to try something new, and these must-try TikTok tips have got you covered.

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We gathered up ways to make your French fries, breakfast sandwich, ice cream, and more taste so much better. 

Saucy Chicken Nuggets

Why You Need To Try It: Instead of dunking your nuggets into the sauce, pour the barbeque package into the container and shake to coat every piece.

Iced Caramel French Vanilla

Why You Need To Try It: Adding caramel sauce to your French vanilla latte will quickly make it become your new favourite drink. It tastes like liquid dessert and won't break the bank.

Espresso Sundae

Why You Need To Try It: Coffee-lovers — forget the standard chocolate or caramel sundaes, ask for a cup of vanilla ice cream and pour a shot of espresso onto your frozen dessert.

Ketchup-Loaded Fries

Why You Need To Try It: You can coat your McDonald's fries with any sauce by squeezing it into the bag and shaking it.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Why You Need To Try It: You can spread soft serve or a McFlurry between two cookies for a delicious ice cream sandwich.

Hash brown McMuffin

Why You Need To Try It: Once you add a hash brown inside your McMuffin, you won't want to eat it the regular way again. The extra crunch from the crisp potatoes works perfectly with the egg and sausage.

Ice Cream Float

Why You Need To Try It: You can enjoy a creamy float by adding an ice cream cone onto your Coca-cola, root beer, or ice tea.

Hold Your Meal With One Hand

Why You Need To Try It: An easy way to hold your meal in one hand is to open your burger box and add your fries to one side. Next, put your drink underneath, and poke your straw through the centre of the box.

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