8 New Canadian Laws Going Into Effect In 2020

There are going to be some new rules.
8 New Canadian Laws For 2020 That Might Already Be In Action

As Canada enters not just a new year but an entirely new decade, the country will see a number of new laws coming into effect. These new Canadian laws for 2020 cover a wide range of areas that include vaping regulations, health coverage, and even having your dog on a patio.

Many of the new laws are provincial. Still, nationwide changes are being made in regard to federal taxes, the divorce act, and the Indigenous child welfare system. 

Some of these new regulations involve protecting the environment. For example, some provinces are starting a total ban on plastic bags this year. The federal carbon tax is also being expanded into Alberta, and some changes for the carbon tax rebate will come into effect in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Other new laws coming into force this year concern the health and well-being of Canadians. These include changes to OHIP coverage outside of the country, as well as tighter regulations on vaping across a number of provinces. 

These are just some of 2020's new rules; you should always be aware of changes to provincial ones, especially if you happen to travel a lot.


Several provinces will be enacting new vaping rules and regulations. In B.C., there will be stricter rules on advertisements for vaping. The province is also increasing the tax on vaping products to 20%.

Ontario will also be banning advertisements for vaping outside of specialty shops.

Nova Scotia will go the furthest by banning all sales of flavoured e-cigarettes and vaping juices in the province. This new law is expected to go into effect by April 2020.

Animal Welfare In Ontario

According to the Ontario Government, the new Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act is the toughest in Canada when it comes to protecting animals, with some of the harshest punishments for people who violate it.

Higher Distracted Driving Fines In Saskatchewan

If you're driving through Saskatchewan's many wheat fields, make sure you're not looking at your phone. The new distracted driving laws in that province could cost you up to $580 for a first offence.

No More International OHIP Coverage 

If you're an Ontario resident and you're travelling internationally, you should be aware that your OHIP will no longer cover any medical costs outside of Canada starting this year.

Styrofoam Ban In Vancouver

Vancouver will be banning styrofoam cups and takeout containers effective immediately. The city will also place restrictions on single-use utensils in order to decrease their use.

Dogs On Patios

In Ontario, people will be allowed to have their dogs on patios at certain businesses.

Higher Legal Age For Cannabis In Quebec

Quebec is increasing the legal age for buying cannabis to 21. This makes it the province with the highest legal age for cannabis purchase.

Plastic Bag Bans

Finally, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and P.E.I. will officially place a ban on single-use plastic bags. Nova Scotia's ban will come into effect on October 30, 2020. No official date has been set for the other two provinces.

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