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8 Of 2021’s Trendiest DIY Wall Paint Hacks That’ll Transform Your Space

Canada's first online paint shop has everything you'll need!
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8 Of 2021’s Trendiest DIY Wall Paint Hacks That’ll Transform Your Space

Since you've most likely been stuck inside of your house for most of the year, it's fair to crave a little bit of change. Being confined to four walls can get pretty boring, so why not jazz them up?

If you're looking for a fun way to add some excitement to your home, there are tons of trendy and easy paint decor ideas you can do yourself!

The perfect paint job has never been easier with Canada's first online paint store, Digby Paints. This unique online paint shop lets you pick your colour from the comfort of your couch!

If you're not an experienced painter, there's no need to worry because Digby Paints has everything you'll need and more! Their Painting Kit features a paintbrush, 2 roller covers, a roller handle, a drop cloth, a paint tray, and painter's tape for only $35 CAD!

Once you have your tools, put your skills to the test with these wall paint hacks that'll transform your home for the new year!

Be Precise With A Geometric Design

You're going to need some Digby's painter tape before you get started with this one! All you have to do is prep your wall with this tape by placing a strip diagonally from one corner of the wall to the other. From there, start building geometric shapes you desire for your wall!

Muskoka Weekend is a trendy colour for 2021, so it would make a great base. For the geometric design, Weekend Drive would complement it perfectly.

Accentuate The Room With Stripes

Stripes are a simple, yet exciting style to decorate a room with. Whether you're looking for an accent wall or a full-room design, stripes are a classic choice. You can have them going any way you'd like, vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal! If you want to make a statement, bold stripes will do just that.

A trendy stripe colour combo would be Rosé All Day and Yoga Retreat.

Test Your Creativity With Hand-Painted Lines

The best part about this one is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Actually, the key is to make it look imperfect! Channel your inner child and fulfill your long-lost dream of drawing on the walls. This modern design is to be done free-handed, without a worry! You can use various shades of a single colour or keep it consistent with the same shade all around.

For this design, try sticking to low-contrast colours so you don't get too overwhelmed. Some perfect colours for this trend are Sunday Brunch, Sleep Till Noon, and Full Moon Party.

Get Fancy With Diamonds

The perfect addition to a colourful room (e.g. yellow) would be a white accent wall with painted-on black diamonds. This can really take a room to the next level. It's crazy what a simple design can do! If you're a chic fashionista, this would totally complement your vibe.

Snow Angel is the perfect shade of white for the base of this accent wall. For the black diamonds, keep it bold with After Midnight.

Don't Buy Marble, Just Paint It

Another great accent wall would be a black and white marble wall. Marble is super on-trend right now, but it's also super expensive. A great way to get the marble look for less is to paint it! Much like faux wood, there are lots of ways to trick the eye.

For the base for the faux marble wall, use Fresh Powder. For the details, use both Stepping Stones and Stargazing.

Choose Your Favourite Stencil Style

If you want to deck your walls out in a foolproof design (that isn't wallpaper), stencils are your best friend. There are so many stencil styles that you can use to transform a room. The options are endless, from faux tile designs to animal print!

Savasana would pair beautifully with the rich blackened brown of Date Night as a dalmatian- or cheetah-inspired print design, for example.

Emphasize With A Painted Wall Arch

Painted wall arches are the perfect little refresher for any room! If you don't want to paint your whole wall but still want a change, this is the perfect quick fix. To achieve this, you're going to need some painter's tape and a lot of focus. This pop of colour can enhance the furniture and decor you already have in your room!

Some aesthetically pleasing colour choices for a wall arch are Farm To Table, Good Vibes, Fall Getaway, and Road Trip.

Feel Free To Freestyle It

If you're in the mood to explore your creativity and innermost feelings, why not turn your wall into your canvas? Take that idea you have in your mind and just go for it. You can't go wrong with abstract art, it's beautiful and doesn't need to make sense! This would also double as a great way to release your emotions.

Dabble in all of the colours that your inner palette desires!

With the new year starting, now is the perfect opportunity to try out these DIY paint trends. And thanks to Digby’s Painting Kit, you can be sure you’ll easily have everything you need to create one of these fun and stunning wall paint works of art!

Complete the kit with one of Digby’s signature curated colours and you’ve got yourself a simple way to totally transform your space. They’ve even got a visualizer so you can see which of their colours work best together!

If you already have a paint colour you love, Digby can colour match most major Canadian paint brands in Digby's premium paint. And you don’t even have to leave your house to do any of it!

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As Canada’s first and only entirely online paint store, Digby Paints is taking a step forward to simplify and modernize the way Canadians shop for paint.

Imagine the time-consuming hassle of navigating one, if not multiple big box stores to shop for your perfect colour, only to wind up having to wait again for your paints to be prepared. Meanwhile, Digby’s premium paint and supplies get delivered straight to your door.

At $59 CAD a gallon, their wall paints are an eco-friendly and great quality alternative. Plus, they have low VOCs and emissions and are backed by their happiness guarantee!

Visit Digby Paints' website for the perfect paint! Check out their Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for more inspiration.