8 Of The Biggest TikTok Travel Hacks That You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

One requires you to pretend being pregnant 🤰🏻

8 Of The Biggest TikTok Travel Hacks That You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without
Global Staff Writer

TikTok has proven to come in clutch on many occasions, from teaching us how to open ketchup packets the right way to helping catch cheaters, but it has been especially helpful in revealing some awesome travel hacks and tips.

That’s why when we show you these eight TikTok travel hacks; you’ll be thanking us later because they will absolutely change your travel game.

Whether it's compensation for getting bumped off your flight, or a sneaky tip for getting an upgrade, you can find out all the hacks below.

Airline Bump Compensation Hack


What airlines don’t want you to know about getting “bumped” 🤯 #lawyer #travel #money

This money lawyer teaches people how to save or make money in our day-to-day life, but she really came through with this travel hack TikTok. Apparently, when you're bumped from a flight, not only does are the airlines required to book you onto the next available flight, but they even owe you monetary compensation. Who would have thought that you could make a grand just for losing a flight?

Pillow Hack


#travelhack #travelhacks #pillowtransformation #lifehack #travellight #noonesgonnaknow #traveltips #travellife #traveltip

This TikToker showed us that a pillow is not just useful to sleep on but can also be a great way to squeeze in more luggage. There is no rule saying you can't take your own pillow on a flight so why not use it to take that cute sweater with you that didn't fit in your bags?

Netflix & Chill Hack


Travelhacks☺️✈️ #travel #flight #airplanes #airplane #hacks #travelhack #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dontletthisflop #viral #netflix

Want to watch Netflix on your phone and eat a pack of chips simultaneously? Not to worry; this TikTok has you covered and shows you exactly how you can set up your phone to free up your hands.

The Pregnant Lady String Bag Hack 


Reply to @farahx97 Am I innovative or deceptive???! #cheaptravel #travelhacks #ballinonabudget #flighthack #SimsSelves #traveltips

If you're an over packers and a great actor then this one is for you! This woman pretended to be pregnant and wore a string bag stuffed with luggage under her shit just so she could take more of her stuff on the plane.

The Upgrade Hack


It’s literally that easy😂 #fyp #foryou #travel #travelhacks #firstclass

No one tells you that upgrading to first class can be as easy as just asking...until you watch a TikTok video on someone doing it. Life's too short not to ask so next time you're at the airport, just ask and who knows you might get lucky.

The Vacuum Hack


Travel Hack For Oversized Items!! ✈️ 🤙🏻💯 #hack #travel #travelhack #nowyouknow #vaccumhack #vacation #travelingwithbabies

This one requires some equipment: a vacuum and a large garbage bag. Trying to get a bulky winter jacket or a stuffed toy to fit into your luggage? Then this is the hack for you.

What Not To Eat 


Just promise me you won’t 🤢 #flightattendantlife #travelhacks #traveler #cleaninghacks #influencers #foodhack

A flight attendant spills it all in this TikTok, revealing just how dirty the coffee and tea machines' water really is. She even drops a smart hack for parents who need warm water for their baby's feeders, avoiding the gross airplane water.

Royal Treatment Hack


Your flight will change DRAMATICALLY #onvacation #adayinmylife #travelhacks #momsoftiktok

This is what they mean when they say being kind goes a long way. If you give your flight attendant a $5 Starbucks gift card, just wait and see the royal treatment you get in return. It also just "means the world" to them, and this flight attendant, TikToker, can vouch for that.

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