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8 Uniquely Awesome Ontario Homes For Sale Right Now (PHOTOS)

Ontario is home to some pretty unbelievable properties!

While most of the homes for sale in Ontario are pretty traditional-looking, once and a while you'll spot a totally unique hidden gem. These properties aren't the most conventional, but they add a bit of flair to everyday life. These 8 Ontario houses for sale stand out from the crowd as some of the most unique on the market. 

Take a peek inside what could be your next dream house! From historic log homes to sleek and modern luxury, these Ontario properties are one of a kind.

Geodesic Dome House

Price: $1,195,000

Location: Norland, ON

Why You Need It: This home has it all! Set on 75 acres, this house features two arched bridges to two islands, and a massive dome living space complete with a yoga studio.

[image 5d83aa42215a69344f123f00]

Historic Log Home

Price: $545,000

Location: New Hamburg, ON

Why You Need It: Built in 1837, this charming home was once a Baptist church. It has now been totally revamped and offers a truly unique living experience.

[image 5d83aca7bc94b2338e721ae2]

Round Room House

Price: $734,900

Location: Oshawa, ON

Why You Need It: With a rooftop terrace and unique curving room, this house is unique in every way.

[image 5d8b6fe7e8b5124dfe58ba06]

Custom Built Luxury Home

Price: $1,980,000

Location: Ottawa, ON

Why You Need It: This uniquely designed home comes with a movie theatre, 3-storey floating staircase, and an indoor basketball court!

[image 5d851be1eb2ba53e5fcf1a47]

An Entire Historic Village

Price: $1,600,000

Location: Mono, ON

Why You Need It: Far from ordinary, this historical log home includes a barn, shop, 1895 church with a parish hall, and original Mono Town Hall!

[image 5d8b6bba0bf6e24b157b7948]

All-White Interior Home

Price: $1,265,000

Location: Milton, ON

Why You Need It: This stunning home is decked out in white, and features a massive walk-in closet.

[image 5d8b6ca42abdd34e127f27ed]

Waterside Home

Price: $1,280,000

Location: Innisfil, ON

Why You Need It: This water-side oasis features nine skylights and unique triangular ceilings.

[image 5d8b6e98e8b5124dfe58b9d3]

[image 5d8b6eb40bf6e24b157b79b9]

Light-Capturing Round Home

Price: $465,000

Location: Calabogie, ON

Why You Need It: This circular home with a wrap-around deck is designed to welcome natural light into the room.

[image 5d8a2415f7f066431a182e5a]