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8 Summer Snacks For When You Want To Eat Clean

Munch on these feel-good choices all summer long.
8 Summer Snacks For When You Want To Eat Clean

It’s three o’clock and you’re hit with a pang of hunger. What do you do? Snacking seems like the obvious solution. It can give you a boost of energy, tide over your hunger and help you from scarfing down too much during meals.

But there’s snacking, and then there’s good snacking. Stay clear of foods that list refined sugar as one of their ingredients and opt for ones that are high in fibre and water. Moderation is also key. Read the nutrition label and pay attention to the portion size, and always portion your snacks instead of eating them straight out of the bag.

Simple rules, sure. But they can be tough to follow when you’ve got a busy life. Spending long hours in the office sometimes means inevitable visits to the vending machine. Here’s a tip: if you ever find yourself in need of a quick, healthy fix, drop by a 7-Eleven. That’s right, your favourite place to grab a Slurpee now has nutritious, on-the-go snacks at select stores. Here are a few of our faves, plus some other snacks that you can make ahead of time.

Fruit cups

There’s nothing more refreshing than fruit in the summer. It’s also the ultimate clean eating snack. Berries, for instance, are filled with vitamins and antioxidants. If you want some more variety, grab a fresh-cut fruit cup from 7-Eleven. They’re prepared in local food centres and delivered daily to stores. No slicing required!


Nuts are the MVP of healthy snacks. They’re cheap, easy to pack and you can eat them anywhere. They’re also filled with unsaturated fats, protein, omega-3 fatty acids (the kind you find in fish) and fibre. You can grab these tasty little morsels in packs at 7-Eleven as well. Just be careful not to eat too many of them, since they’re high in calories.


So simple, but so tasty. Hummus is made by blending chickpeas and tahini, plus a splash of olive oil, lemon and garlic. It’s a protein-packed pick for vegetarians and vegans. Hummus is also endlessly versatile and delicious no matter what vessel you scoop it up with. Carrot tahini hummus with rice cakes? Sounds delish. Beet hummus with seedy flatbread? Yes, please.

Chipotle wraps

We’re here for low-cal, filling options that also taste great. And this wrap from 7-Eleven does not skimp out. Both the wrap and the cheese are made locally, and its sweet and tangy taste has made it 7-Eleven’s number one selling item in urban markets. Yum!


These blended beverages aren’t just the breakfast of champions – they also make a great snack. The trick is to keep your smoothie light. Toss in your favourite fruits and a splash of liquid, but avoid heavy additions like Greek yogurt so that you don’t feel full before your next meal.


Let’s face it: most of us love chips. But potato chips are loaded with trans fats – one of the least heathy kinds. That’s where we turn to jerky as a clean eating alternative. This is a high-protein, low-carb food that will keep you satisfied on road trips all summer long. It’s also the perfect go-to when you’re craving a late-night salty something.

Protein box

Protein is essential to staying healthy. It helps build and repair muscle, as well as skin and nail cells. Get your protein fix with 7-Eleven’s simple and tasty to-go box, which includes a whole egg, cheese and grapes (but honestly, we know you’re really just there for the cheese).

Gluten-free energy bars

Energy bars are convenient, but they can be deceiving. Some have enough chocolate and sugar to pass as a candy bar. You’re looking for bars that are low in saturated fat and sugars. Aim for options with nuts and fruits in them and limit the protein so you don’t fill up too much.

Feeling extra hungry? Don’t go fishing for those cookies and candies. Instead, pack a couple of healthy snacks in the morning. And if you’re too busy, no sweat: you can order snacks through Foodora and Uber Eats from select 7-Eleven stores to stay on track without even leaving the office.

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