8-Year-Old BC Kid Wins GoPro Award For His Hilarious BMX Video

BC's Rex the "BMX Kid" just won a GoPro award!
8-Year-Old BC Kid Wins GoPro Award For His Hilarious BMX Video
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Do you ever see a video on YouTube that just makes you smile from ear to ear? Well, an eight-year-old kid from Abbotsford, BC did just that. He posted a super adorable video of himself biking in British Columbia and he actually won an award for it!

Rex the "BMX Kid" has become an internet sensation after his award-winning video was released on GoPro's YouTube channel!

Rex, who's been riding BMX for two years, entered a GoPro contest, hoping that his video submission would win. In the video, you can see Rex and his friend, Jack riding a trail with their BMX bikes. The adorable 96-second video captures the big adventure of two little kids.

In the video, Rex makes a ton of hilarious facial expressions while biking the rough trail with his friend. Along the way, he's commentating on every jump, curve and bump that they encounter on the trail.

We literally couldn't stop smiling while we watched this funny video. It was so cute! Rex sounded like a professional BMXer while he was commenting on the gnarly jumps on the trail.

Here's the full video.

GoPro | YouTube

Just a few days ago, GoPro announced that Rex's cute video actually won an award! According to CTV News, Rex's prize pack included the company's newest camera, the GoPro Hero 6! We're definitely hoping that we'll get to see more hilarious videos of Rex biking with his friends.

We're so happy that B.C.'s new "BMX kid" won the GoPro award for his hilarious (and adorable) video!

Source: CTV News

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Editorial Operations Manager