9 Canadian Halloween Costumes You Should Wear This Year That Aren't Drake

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 🎃
9 Canadian Halloween Costumes You Should Wear This Year That Aren't Drake

With Halloween only a few weeks away, it's officially time to start preparing your costume if you haven't already got something figured out. The holiday might've been initially created for little kids, but it's definitely transformed into an opportunity for older partygoers to pull all the stops costume-wise. No matter which Halloween party you attend, the expectations for clever, funny and on-trend costumes are always high.

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Last year, many Canadians chose to rock the Drake costume on Halloween, honouring our beloved Toronto-born music icon and all his notable phases. We even compiled a list of all the best Drake-inspired solo and couples costume ideas. This year, though, we figured it's time for new Canadian trends to take the spotlight.

With that in mind, we've compiled nine Canadian costume ideas inspired by all the things that everyone's been talking about this year. So, if you are looking for a costume to impress everyone at the party, you've come to the right place! 

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The TTC Raccoon 

If you use Toronto transit, you'll know that the local transportation in the city is no stranger to an odd rider or two. While we personally recommend the raccoon as it's the most well-known offender of riding the rails, you can also consider being a crab since that was found on the trains this past summer.

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A *legal marijuana leaf

We couldn't exclude Canada's most groundbreaking act of the year! With Canada being only the 2nd entire country to legalize cannabis, this is a great costume to not only celebrate the legalization of the drug but also have a current and trendy costume at the same time!

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The guy who swam in Ripley's naked 

This is a great idea for either a solo costume or a group costume, but please wear a unitard in your skin colour so you aren't literally walking around naked this Halloween. If you want to turn it into a group idea, have some of your friends dress up as sharks and eels!

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The "roundhouse kick guy" 

"Roundhouse kick guy" has made headlines across Canada recently. If you need a reminder, he's the Toronto hair stylist who went viral for kicking an anti-abortion protestor's phone out of her hand. This costume is extremely simple - all you need is a purple zip-up sweater, fake lip ring, some glasses and if you don't have a beard, a sharpie to colour one in!

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin 

Justin and Hailey have become one of the most talked about couples this year after getting engaged earlier this year and then purchasing a mega mansion in Canada soon after. Not only are the pair on-trend and have a Canadian link thanks to Justin, but they also serve as the perfect couples costume! You could choose to either copy Justin and Hailey's street style or actually pull up to a party in a wedding gown if you want to go hard this Halloween!

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Tessa and Scott 

We couldn't forget the most iconic not-a-couple-but-basically-a-couple of Canada, Tessa and Scott! The pair are the perfect idea if you want a couple costume that doesn't involve mainstream celebrities and you want to show off your Canadian roots. Plus, you have the option of either copying one of their on-ice looks or just heading over to Hudson's Bay and grabbing from Olympic gear if you need a last minute costume!

*Undeniable on-ice sexual tension not included.


The Infinity mirrors exhibit ticket line 

This is definitely the laziest a costume could get but if you and your friends cannot be bothered to coordinate a good costume but still want something funny, this is a great idea! The costume is very easy to pull off - whenever people ask what you and your friends are for Halloween, just stand in a line and claim you're "waiting for Infinity Mirror exhibit tickets." You'll be sure to get a laugh.

Police sources confirm Cst. Vittorio Dominelli is one of 2 TPS police officers suspended for allegedly ingesting pot while on duty. His social media accounts full of colourful content like this music video. @globalnewsto pic.twitter.com/h2jXo5p89Z

January 30, 2018

Those Canadian cops who got high on the job

One of the best stories of the year has to be when two Toronto cops decided to get high off of edibles they had seized while on the job. This costume is also very easy to throw together. You just have to dress as a cop and put some red eyeshadow around the rim your eyes to appear like your high. Or, considering cannabis is now legal, you may as well smoke a joint before you go out to make the costume authentic!

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I know we said no Drake, but technically this isn't Drake - it's a trash can! Considering Drake's serious fall from grace in the city this past year, it's a pretty fitting and trendy idea if you ask me. Also, the fact that he brought Rihanna's abuser Chris Brown on stage not even a week after telling the press he had wanted a "perfect family" with her shows you've got more reason than ever to use this idea for Halloween.