Forget Snow White's tiny cabin; these buildings are genuinely fairytale worthy. Many of us dream about owning a private getaway right next to the water. Granted, with the sky-high prices of real estate these days, it might be entirely out of your budget. But it is still fun to imagine what you would do if money were no issue. Here are some cottages for sale in B.C. that are straight out of your daydreams.

While booking a beach vacation is nice, imagine if you could escape the city more often. Instead of needing to fly to Jamaica or Punta Cana, you could relax at your beach just a short drive from your home.

You might be shocked to discover some of the waterfront cabins for sale. Some of them are so luxurious they look like they should be a celebrity-only resort.

For example, one listing that has 120-acres of property, which includes crystal clear turquoise water and old-growth rainforest. It is so stunning that you will never want to leave.

It is time to collect all that spare change in your couch or pick up an online job for some extra cash. Who knows, maybe in a few years you can afford your island escape.

Until then, enjoy drooling over these houses, we are curious about which one is your favourite.

Beachside Manor

home for sale in vancouver

Price: $3,499,000

Address: 5185 Agate Ln., Victoria, BC

Description: It is a warm and inviting home with panoramic views of the beach. Here you'll be able to spend your free time relaxing next to the fire pit or on the sandy beach.

[image 5e78b734c8a0c93a53bdf9f5]

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Island Getaway

house for sale in bc

Price: $17,500,000

Address: 1 Stuart Island, BC

Description: You'll feel like you are vacationing at an exclusive private resort. It has 120-acres of waterfront property that also consists of old-growth rainforest.

[image 5e78b8a1c8a0c93a53bdfa18]

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Ocean Front A-Frame

bc house for sale

Price: $5,900,000

Address: 1126 Gillespie Rd., Victoria, BC

Description: It is an eye-catching A-frame that overlooks the ocean. Here you'll want to spend your time kayaking, lounging next to the water on your dock, or getting cozy next to the enormous stone fireplace.

[image 5e78ba963048a03a5eb4ce5a]

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Waterfront 5-Bedroom Home

home for sale in bc

Price: $5,700,000

Address: 1941 Crescent Rd, Victoria, BC

Description: While the interior of this 5-bedroom home is gorgeous, it is the exterior living area where you'll want to spend all your time. There is a spacious deck overlooking the water. Here you can sit next to the outdoor fireplace, or swim in the infinity pool.

[image 5e78bd27c8a0c93a53bdfa5e]

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Sea View Mansion

bc house for sale

Price: $9,900,000

Address: 2795 Sea View Rd., Victoria, BC

Description: You will enjoy living in this luxurious building that boasts luxurious features like a hot tub, billiards room, theatre, and patio overlooking the water.

[image 5e78bdee2e09573a52bcf3db]

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Cottage Paradise

Price: $2,495,000

Address: 6927 Pirates Rd., Gulf Islands, BC

Description: Due to its prime location, you can enjoy views of the San Juan Islands, Victoria, and Grouse Mountain from the large windows or while soaking in the hot tub. It is an ideal home for anyone who likes to entertain and has a dining room with enough space for 12 people.

[image 5e7a63b9cb69146c95cbc6e7]

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Lake Front Getaway

Price: $10,899,000

Address: 12056 Okanagan Center Rd., Lake Country, BC

Description: You will quickly fall in love with the patio covered in blooming purple wisteria flowers right next to your own beach.

[image 5e7a647149ad386cbb23d0e4]

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Island Escape

home for sale in bc

Price: $2,900,000

Address: 684 Whaletown Rd., Mansons Landing, BC

Description: Located on Cortes Island, this cottage has incredible ocean views where you can spot whales, seals and otters right from your backyard.

[image 5e78c2103048a03a5eb4ceff]

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Cliffside Home

house for sale

Price: $2,195,000

Address: 9343 Jorgensen Dr., Halfmoon Bay, BC

Description: It is a cliffside home that is nicer than most all-inclusive hotels. Here you can swim, relax in the hot tub, or sip wine with your friends in the evenings near the outdoor fireplace.

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