9 Hilariously Awkward Justin Trudeau Moments You May Have Missed Over The Past 5 Years

He was almost kissed by Melania Trump once! 😅

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9 Hilariously Awkward Justin Trudeau Moments You May Have Missed Over The Past 5 Years

Yikes, Justin! Justin Trudeau has been Canada's prime minister since 2015, but his time at Rideau Cottage hasn't been without its fair share of hilariously awkward moments.

From using the term "speaking moistly" and instantly regretting it, to accidentally roasting a reporter and even almost kissing Melania Trump, Canada's PM has left us cringing a little on more than one occasion.

In case you missed them — here are some of the most ridiculous things that have happened to Justin Trudeau during his stint as the prime minister of Canada so far. Prepare for some second-hand embarrassment.

The fake jog

Over the years, Justin Trudeau has experienced his fair share of bizarre and awkward moments at G7 leaders' summits.

In 2019, he was accused of going for a fake jog in Biarritz, France, while attending a G7 conference.

A clip showing him running past a reporter ended up going viral, with a number of social media users suggesting the sprint was nothing more than a photo-op.

The "kiss"

During the same 2019 G7 summit, an awkward-looking interaction between Justin Trudeau and Melania Trump hit the headlines.

The former first lady was photographed leaning in towards the Canadian PM and pouting as she greeted him, appearing to almost kiss him on the mouth.

In the picture, she can also be seen holding hands with her husband, then-President Donald Trump. Eek!

The comment

Trudeau's "speaking moistly" moment in April 2020 could arguably be one of his most iconic moments as prime minister during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The awkward word choice went on to inspire beers,lip balms and even a music video that was one of 2020's top trending videos across the country.

Despite the cringe factor, the PM says he doesn't regret saying it at all.

The hiccups

During one hilarious COVID-19 press conference back in June 2021, Trudeau developed the hiccups for over ten minutes.

He was even forced to apologize and say "excuse me" after his uncontrollable hiccuping interrupted his statement. Oops!

The slip up

Just days after Canada's federal election in 2021, a video of Trudeau attempting to say the acronym LGBTQ2+ went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Responding to a question about the recent rise in hate in Canada, the PM slips on the acronym repeatedly and struggles to recover, before eventually doing an exasperated sigh. He gets it right eventually, but it's pretty painful to watch.

The pause

Back in June 2020, a reporter asked Trudeau for his opinion on then-President Donald Trump calling for military action against protesters in the United States.

It took Trudeau a full 21 seconds to respond.

Unsurprisingly, the long pause ended up going viral and was even spoofed onThe Late Late Show with James Corden.

The photo

In 2021, a photo of Justin Trudeau alongside his G7 counterparts was shared all over the internet, thanks to the gloomy background, awkward smiles and weird socially distanced poses.

The image became a meme almost instantly and Twitter users didn't hold back on the world leaders.

The hair flip

In April 2020, Trudeau gave the world an almost NSFW hair flip that got everybody talking.

Unable to get a haircut due to COVID-19 related closures, the PM was rocking long and wavy locks that just kept falling into his face.

Running his hands through his hair, he sweeps the stray strands away without breaking eye contact with the camera. The clip, once again, went viral.

The insult

Justin Trudeau's final news conference at the 2021 G7 summit ended with embarrassed laughter after he accidentally roasted a BBC News journalist.

Responding to a question about the lasting impacts of the leaders' conference, he said, "The impacts of this G7 will be felt long after the newspapers you write for will have been used to wrap fish."

After realizing his comment could be interpreted as an insult, he immediately backtracked and said that he "respects" the press and "the work you all do in a very important way."

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