9 Honest Pros And Cons Of Being In A Relationship

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9 Honest Pros And Cons Of Being In A Relationship
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Whether you're freshly single or have been wifed up forever, you'll know that there are both pros and cons to be being by yourself or all coupled up. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each relationship status, and sometimes you might fluctuate from which you're feeling depending on what's going on.

Life classically has ups and downs when it comes to our friendships, relationships, and general happenings that can impact what we're thinking about ourselves and other people.  If you're wondering whether or not you're ready to spark up something new or are having mixed feelings about the relationship you're currently in, it might be time to evaluate the pros and cons of each situation.

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Pro: there's always someone there for you

This is definitely a huge selling point of dating someone. If you're in a good relationship, they're going to be there for you. Whether it's online, texting you everyday and liking those IG's first - or physically cuddling you when you have a shit day. Your bf/gf should be someone you can feel really comfortable around. Having someone you can go to for basically anything is unlike any feeling in the world. For a con, click next!

Con: Going out with your single friends is not as fun as you remember

Remember that amazing club night where you flirted your way into a VIP booth and Alex made out with a Raptor? You honestly may not feel up to finessing the nightlife scene anymore. You have responsibilities to your S/O and a lot less motive to go out, socialize and flirt. You already have this great person that you'd probably rather be spending time with than getting groped by a washed up Degrassi cast member in a dark, sticky basement. For a pro, click next!

Pro: You're learn so much about yourself

What you want, what you don't and what you need in a relationship. These are just a few things you'll figure out when you're spending a ton of time with someone else. What do you need to feel comfortable? Tons of communication and reassurance? Lots of space? What makes you feel loved? Little gifts? An extra kiss before you say goodbye? You might not know what your standards are until someone shows you exactly what you deserve. Or what you don't, depending on the kind of person you're dating. For a con, click next!

Con: You need to plan to see them or else it just won't happen

​​​​​​​With all of the stresses of work, maintaining a social life and your sanity, you really do need to pencil in your relationship as shitty as that may sound. You need to make time for people you want to see in your life and that includes your bf/gf/person you're seeing. It's not like having an appointment to see your bae is particularly sexy, but you should have an understanding about dates and time spent together to avoid falling off. For a pro, click next

Pro: Constant reassurance of how cute/hot/cool you are

Hell ya. It's really great to hear this from someone who isn't your mom or dad. Especially if you're not used to affirmation from other people. Of course, you know that you're a catch. Just look at you. But it's soooo great to hear it from someone else. Even better when it's a particularly shitty/ gross/ who-is-that-in-the-mirror kinda day. You definitely don't need this reassurance to keep your mood up but it definitely doesn't hurt. For a con, click next. .

Con: You have someone to report back to

Which may feel a little weird to someone who's used to having such free reign on their own life. Not that your S/O is controlling at all, but you definitely have had your share of "Oh shit, I haven't texted ____ back in hours." When you're dating someone, they'll most likely want to know what you're up to but it's so easy to get caught up in whatever's happening during the day and fall off your text game. And when they fall off their text game, it's equally annoying/frustrating. For a pro, click next.

Pro: You don't have to deal with bullshit dating politics anymore

First dates, second dates & all the garbage that comes along with them is just a thing of your past. Should you text them first? Can you message them even though their last text to you was 15 minutes ago? FORGET about that. Your S/O hasn't responded to you in several hours? You can double text that goon!! There is indefinitely less stress about being with someone for a long time instead of a short one. You don't have to worry about saying anything dumb because you've probably said already and surprisingly, they're still down to sleep with you! Wild! For a con, click next

Con: You know you can't explore anything new without breaking up with your S/O

That cute new receptionist is sooo sweet and they also likes GOT and spicy tuna rolls. You know you guys would get along great but you're also dedicated to your S/O. Half of being in a relationship is the commitment alone. When you choose to go out with someone, you choose to be faithful and loyal, and that means leaving a lot of doors closed. If you want to date someone in your early 20s, you do need to understand this is a time where you'll be meeting a ton of people and will feel more drawn to some rather than others. For a pro, click next!

Pro: Complete comfort in where you're at

Good relationships are all about communication so knowing that you and your S/O are together, happy and chilling is an amazing feeling. You know what they want, they know what you want, and you can just enjoy each other's company peacefully. You always have a plus 1, someone to call and confide in. And that's the biggest plus of all.

Paige McPhee
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio
Paige McPhee is a Sponsored Content Contributing Writer for Narcity Media's Studio and is based in Toronto, Ontario.