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9 Houses For Sale In Canada That Would Make Social Distancing Seem Totally Easy

If you’ve suddenly found yourself spending a lot more time at home than usual, you’re not alone. For most of us, it’s a pretty stressful time, and being in the house so much is a bit of a chore. However, there’s some houses for sale in Canada that could make all of your social distancing dreams come true, and they're seriously extra!

Across the country, millions of Canadians are practicing social distancing, and that means staying in the house to eat, sleep, work, exercise, and socialize, as well as everything else.

For the majority of us, this means spending an awful lot of time watching Netflix, and plenty of time in bed.

However, there are some Canadian properties that are kitted-out beyond our wildest imagination, and spending several weeks self-isolating within them would be no problem at all!

Between spa-facilities, Olympic-size swimming pools, home cinema rooms, basketball courts, personal libraries and even bowling alleys, there would be no risk of getting bored in these Canadian mega-homes.

While most of us don’t have a cool $50 million in our wallet to spend on a luxury mansion, it’s nice to daydream about what self-isolation could be like. 

Being home-alone never looked so good!

5844 Winston Churchill Boulevard 

Price: $6,999,000

Address: 5844 Winston Churchill Boulevard, Erin, ON

Description: This is possibly the most Canadian home to have ever existed. With an on-site basketball court, gymnasium, full-sized hockey pitch and 151 acres of land, this would be a self-isolation dream for sports-lovers.

[image 5e80d6ab32f65b3bada79996]

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551 Richmond Road

Price: $2,279,000

Address: 551 Richmond Road, Beckwith, ON

Description: Every day would be like a vacation in this dreamy property. The copper roofed sunroom, equipped with a hot tub, pool table, wet bar and cinema screen, is so spa-like you'd forget you were actually at home.

[image 5e80ef4d32f65b3bada79a45]

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85 Bridle Path

Price: $22,900,000

Address: 85 Bridle Path–Sunnybrook–York Mills, Toronto, ON

Description: This private oasis comes with huge gardens, an outdoor pool and a professional sports court, so it would be ideal for a summer of self-isolation. Even better, there's major Hogwarts vibes around the property, which makes it even more magical!

[image 5e80d97e319c793b8d530b2f]

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5 Rue de Dublin

Price: $4,988,000

Address: 5 Rue de Dublin, Candiac, QC

Description: Forget Disney World, your home is a fantasy land! This majestic property has an indoor pool, spa, sauna and stream room, and it's seriously beautiful. You'd never want to leave this place, like, ever.

[image 5e80e39532f65b3bada799f4]

[image 5e80e3beb05eee3bbdec67c0]

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32 Cedarhill Drive

Price: $1,499,000

Address: 32 Cedarhill Drive, Nepean, ON

Description: This mansion has major Nordic spa vibes, and we're honestly here for it. With a family room, library, conservatory, gym, indoor pool, waterfall feature, sauna, private loft and sunroom, you'd literally never have to see anybody else again.

[image 5e80e5a22e60a43b3d2ce88b]

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Tremblant Station Mansion

Price: $8,750,000

Address: Tremblant (Station), Mont-Tremblant, QC

Description: In a house like this, you'd have no issues self-isolating in the winter months. There's a fireplace in almost every room, stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, cozy rustic furniture, and a gym and sauna to die for. Staying home never looked so extra!

[image 5e80e6c52e60a43b3d2ce89b]

[image 5e80e6ce319c793b8d530b9b]

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Collingwood Castle

Price: $1,895,000

Address: Collingwood, ON

Description: Calling all cooks, bakers and chefs, this one's for you! If self-isolation has inspired some serious kitchen-time, this property has got you covered. With a "gourmet party kitchen" and a "private wine tasting shop" the one-man-party could last for days and days!

[image 5e80ea94319c793b8d530bb2]

[image 5e80eb3c32f65b3bada79a31]

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1150 Lakeshore Road

Price: $59,000,000

Address: 1150 Lakeshore Road, Oakville, ON

Description: If you bought this luxury mega-mansion, you'd literally never need to leave the house again. With a wine cellar, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, a private cinema, a heli-pad, an office, a full-sized bar and an actual bowling alley, it's seriously extra AF.

If that wasn't wild enough, there's also a private chapel on the property, so you could even get married from home!

[image 5e80f22a2e60a43b3d2ce8f9]

[image 5e80f21d319c793b8d530be4]

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9 Flaherty Lane

Price: $5,800,000

Address: 9 Flaherty Lane, Caledon, ON

Description: If you're a foodie who's missing eating-out, look no further. This crazy home features its own retro-style diner, and it looks like something from the movies!

Additionally, there's three ponds, a stream, a waterfall, a movie theatre, a 2-storey library and an indoor firing range, so getting bored is simply not an option here.

[image 5e80ecd9b05eee3bbdec6805]

[image 5e80ece6b05eee3bbdec6806]

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