It's 2017 and by now you've probably had enough experiences with local fuckboys to know when to spot one who is up to their antics. Whether it was an ex fling or actual relationship, fuckboys are kind of the worst but it's pretty easy to forget that there are some in Hollywood too. Proven by the likes of the Robin Thicke's and Ben Affleck's, of the world - and while you might find a fuck boy almost anywhere, Hollywood seems to bread fuck boys that are one-of-a-kind.

Thanks to PR managers most of these celebs are able to hide their douchebaggery behind big PR stunts but let's be real, it doesn't take much to spot a fuckboy regardless of them being famous or not. So let's look at 9 male celebs that are most likely fuckboys off screen!

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Justin Bieber

I mean.... I don't think this needs too much explanation but who doesn't love revisiting that time he peed in a mop bucket? Bieber has cycled through a crazy amount of girls this year, and after a short hiatus, he is back with Selena, a relationship that literally 90% of our planet's population is invested in which is probably going to end with him cheating on her again.

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Hugh Grant

Don't get me wrong, I love Hugh Grant and firmly believe that rom coms get 10x better when he's cast in them, but he there is a reason he's always cast as a fuckboy. In real life, he really is a fuck boy. I mean he literally cheated on his girlfriend of several years with a random prostitute, Y i k e s.

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If you don't know who Russ is, don't Google him, you are going to want to keep it that way. He's an up and coming rapper who has got to have the biggest ego for literally zero reason. How big of an ego you ask? He refuses to have openers play before his shows because "they don't deserve to get the exposure from him." Seriously???????

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The Chainsmokers

I don't even need to justify this considering the Nickelback of EDM The Chainsmokers are truly the absolute worst. First of all nobody other than a pair of fuckboys would actually call themselves "The Chainsmokers" and assume they'd be taken seriously. Whichever one from the pair who isn't pretending to actually be doing something with that drum pad on stage who sings, needs to stop singing live- right now.. maybe relay that message to Halsey as well while you're at it.

Also just because you got somehow managed to brainwash the planet into thinking 'Closer' was a good song does not mean you get to shit talk Lady Gaga. The fact that they gave these two bumbling slices of Wonder Bread a Grammy seriously gives me heart pains but then again they gave Meghan Trainor one the year before so it's safe to say that award show is cancelled.

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Zac Efron 

I have absolutely no real information to go off of this apart from the fact that I firmly believe you cannot play a douchebag frat boy that many times in movies and not end up turning into one. Plus he missed the HSM reunion so that's enough for me to think he's a fuckboy, case closed.

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Jack Gilinsky 

Jack Gilinsky is an ex-Vine star that was good-looking enough to have a singing career even though he can't carry a tune to save his life. If you missed it earlier this year, he was caught on tape yelling at his ex Instagram thirst trap girlfriend, Madison Beer about how he could "get any girl in California" if he wanted to. While he plays a pretty innocent role to his fanbase of impressionable infants, it's pretty clear he's kind of a douchebag.

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Leonardo DiCaprio 

Just because Leo acknowledges climate change does not mean he gets a free pass out of being labeled a fuckboy. Take away the name and tell me what you would describe a white guy with a dad bod pulling 10's for girlfriends because he was cute in high school? That my friend, is a fuckboy.

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Bradley Cooper

I don't know if it's because he played a cheating husband in my favourite rom-com of all time or because I'm too much of a pessimist to believe a man that attractive can simultaneously be a good person.

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Matt LeBlanc

Listen before anybody roasts me for criticizing a Friends character, I am a Friends fan, but we need to acknowledge that Matt LeBlanc has gone from Joey Tribianni to your creepy uncle that hugs you for way too long at family events. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably have had the pleasure of not knowing about that time he made the creepiest comment EVER about Emilia Clarke on LIVE TELEVISION that actually made me sink into my couch from second-hand embarrassment:

Matt LeBlanc made an inappropriate to Emilia Clarke at the #emmys red carpet

September 18, 2016