9 Outdoor Jobs In Ontario That Pay Above Minimum Wage & Don't Need Experience

Get a tan and a healthy bank balance at the same time!
9 Outdoor Ontario Jobs Hiring Now That Pay Well And Don't Need Much Experience

Here's a good excuse to stay outdoors during the summer weather. Let's be real, staying inside can feel never-ending and pretty tiring after a while. So, if you're looking for something to do outdoors, why not get paid doing it? There's a bunch of outdoor Ontario jobs that are hiring right now and they don't require much experience, or sometimes any at all!

If you love the outdoors and want any chance to stay outside as long as you can during the warm weather, there are a few essential jobs that have open positions right now for entry-level applicants.

Finding a job can be tedious and tiring but with a quick search, you can find a huge list of postings looking for hard-working individuals.

Although places like Amazon and Walmart are currently looking for new employees, you might have your eyes on getting some more sunlight during your working hours.

Combining things you love in your personal and professional life can definitely help you enjoy your work, and you can get that all-important experience as well!

To make things easier for you, here's a list of jobs available in Ontario from Thunder Bay to Toronto where you can apply right now and secure the bag.

Here are nine outdoor jobs across Ontario that you don't need much experience for.

General Labourer

Salary: $15-$20 an hour

Company: Ewing Fabricators 1845 Inc., Newmarket, ON

Why You Should Apply: This is a perfect job if you like being physically active and miss your days at the gym. If you're no stranger to hard work, a perfect job for you is just a click away.

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Summer Outdoor Lifeguard 

Salary: $17-$19 an hour

Company: Pro Recreation Management, Brampton, ON

Why You Should Apply: You must definitely know how to swim for this one! Put your Standard First Aid aid training to the test. With no experience necessary, they'll make sure to prepare you for the big job.

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Landscape Maintenance 

Salary: $16-$20 an hour

Company: Leaside Landscaping, Toronto, ON

Why You Should Apply: Although you do need a bit of landscaping experience here, if you enjoy gardening and working outdoors, this job is perfect.

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Construction Labourer

Salary: $18-$22 an hour

Company: Heritage Restoration Inc., Toronto, ON

Why You Should Apply: If construction is your calling, there's a no-experience-necessary position available for you right here.

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Entry-Level Lawn Tech

Salary: $18-$22 an hour

Company: Weed Man, Pickering, ON

Why You Should Apply: Nope, not that kind of "Weed Man" and not that kind of "grass." This position lets you drive the company car, but you need your G license, of course. They also offer paid training and incentives.

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Water Well Driller Helper

Salary: $17.50 an hour

Company: Aegis Group, Thunder Bay, ON

Why You Should Apply: This is a perfect way to gain hands-on experience in the construction world, and it pays comfortably above minimum wage, too.

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Construction Labourer

Salary: $17-$22 an hour

Company: Peak Performance Roofing, Gloucester, ON

Why You Should Apply: If you live close to the Ottawa region, here's a construction job posting that you might find appealing.

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Painter Helper

Salary: $24.50 an hour

Company: MVC Architectural Products Corp., Thornhill, ON

Why You Should Apply: Why not turn your hobby into a career? If you're a DIY fiend already, you can gain so much construction experience, a healthy bank balance, and get messy outdoors while doing it.

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Lawn Care Worker

Salary: $16-$20 an hour

Company: Simcoe Huronia Home Services, Barrie, ON

Why You Should Apply: Who hasn't mowed a lawn before? You can hone your gardening skills and become a true outdoors artist with this Barrie-based role.

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