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9 Programs In BC You Need To Check Out If You’re Ready To Move Up In Your Career

It’s no surprise that picking the right schoolfor your career can either make or break you. Whether you want to study business, marketing or even accounting, choosing the right place of learning is what will make you stand out from the rest, especially if that school just so happens to specialize in whatever it is you're studying!

If you’re going through this scenario right now and are struggling to find that perfect school to call home, the good news is your search might stop right here thanks to one BC Business school. 

The British Columbia Institute of Technology is a polytechnic post-secondary school with some pretty wicked programs - and if it's a job you're after, they've pretty much got your back. About 96% of BCIT Business degree graduates find jobs right after they graduate; and their programs are taught with a hands-on approach by professionals with industry experience. As if that wasn't awesome enough, they also happen to have a huge array of programs for you to choose from - so no matter what you're interested in, they've got you!

Business Management

This diploma program is perfect for those that want to get into, well, business. Upon graduation, you’ll leave with experience in accounting, marketing, HR, operations and computer applications which will make you a great candidate for management! 

Sustainable Business Leadership

If you’re passionate about environmental issues and best business practices, then this program is for you. Yes, this is an actual program and the only one of its kind in BC. You can expect to work for a non-government organization, community organization, social enterprise, or one of many socially and environmentally conscious companies worldwide.


This is one is pretty straightforward. If you want to showcase your love of numbers BCIT'S Accounting program is for you - plus, leads to a CPA designaiton, a tried and true profession always in demand!

Broadcast and Online Journalism

Not only is this program incredibly hands-on, but from day one, you’ll be learning all there is to know about journalism and making real relationships with professionals in the field. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready for a job as a writer, producer, reporter, anchor, video journalist and more.

Marketing Communications

Love the concept of marketing? Of course you do! If you’re passionate about utilizing social media as part of your career, want to potentially end up working in an agency or just enjoy being in the world of marketing - then consider this diploma program. Not only will you participate in class lectures and labs but you’ll also gain real-world experience in a 10-week internship.

Professional Sales

This BCIT program is one of the most respected in Canada. Graduates from this program are highly sought after by industry; many grads get multiple job offers. Finishing the program means you can then start a lucrative sales career in a tech, beverage or media company, among others!

Tourism Management

This program is full of exciting job opportunities as it’s one of the world’s most profitable industries. You’ll learn leadership skills and training in all aspects of tourism like social media, promotions, event planning and more.

Business Operations Management

A successful business needs to design, buy, organize, make and deliver products and services. With so much competition, it is important for businesses to have a trained individual with a Business Operations Management diploma on their team. And that could be you! You’ll get to explore how organizations create, control, and optimize business systems to continuously improve.

International Business Management

Ever thought about traveling the world? Well, with an International Business Management diploma you can. Not only do graduates travel the world but they also negotiate trade agreements and improve the flow of goods in and out of Canada and abroad.

It’s no surprise that the British Columbia Institute of Technology has been around for over 50 years. With so many amazing programs to choose from, it’s easy to take the first steps into the career of your dreams. In addition to their outstanding programs, BCIT Business is actually the ONLY business school in Western Canada to include Digital Arts and Broadcast and Media.

However, what makes BCIT Business really amazing is that all of their programs include real hands-on practical training, which leads students to employment right after graduation. If you’re more of a statistics person then get this, 96% of BCIT Business degree graduates are employed right after school. Yup, that’s a pretty fancy number if you ask me.

To top it off,BCIT Business instructors are industry experts that actually want to share their knowledge with their students. Now all business aside, BCIT also offers numerous student clubs including BCIT JDC West, BCITMA, International Business Management Program and many, many more.

So, are you ready to take a step closer to the career of your dreams? 

For more information on each full-time program at BCIT, make sure to visit their website and don’t forget to check them out on Instagram too.

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