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9 Memes About Speaking Moistly That Will Make You Laugh & Cringe

This word is never going away.
9 Memes About Speaking Moistly That Will Make You Laugh & Cringe

He may never live this down. Canadians have been getting a lot of comfort from the Prime Minister's daily briefings until he recently decided to use the phrase, "speaking moistly." The poor choice of words caught everyone off guard, including himself, and has led to both a hilarious and kind of uncomfortable response.

The phrase made its first appearance during Trudeau's April 7 address to Canadians.

In explaining how effective masks are at containing the virus, the Prime Minister said that they were more useful in protecting others from your germs.

"It prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them," he said, before expressing his instant regret, "What a terrible image."

As much as he tried to move on from the verbal misstep, there was no getting past it. "Speaking moistly" has now been embedded in the minds of people across the country, for better or worse.

The internet has already latched onto the phrase, taking it to new levels of strangeness and humour. One industrious individual even set the words to music.

Anyone who knows how these things work online, though, knows there is always more to come, and people have put themselves to work turning the phrase into a meme

These are just some of the best examples of what people have done with Trudeau's new catchphrase.

Call The Police

Anyone who ever said cartoons aren't a bad influence is probably feeling pretty guilty right about now.

Oh How Things Have Changed

While it might not be a catchy rhyme, telling someone not to speak moistly really drives the point home.

Speaking Of Friends Memes

Remember the episode when Gary Oldman kept speaking moistly all over Joey while he was filming a movie?

It Has Other Applications

It's perfect for describing how you want something to be cooked, with the added bonus of grossing out whoever you're talking to.

Moist Club

The second rule of moist club is we don't speak moistly to anyone.

I Can't Even

The only thing worse than someone saying "speaking moistly" is when it actually happens to you.

The Classy Wet

You can try to spin it any way you want, but moist is almost never an acceptable word to use.

The Only Thing That Could Make Aliens More Frightening

To be fair, all those xenomorphs did always look kind of moist.

Holy Corona Batman!

Hey Batman, I'm pretty sure the no face-touching rule also applies to other people's faces. At least he's wearing gloves.

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