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9 Strange Art Installations Around The World That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

These pieces of art are always attracting curious visitors.
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Art installations around the world attract thousands of viewers and sometimes the weird ones are the most interesting

These nine strange statues and sculptures are known for turning heads and you'll want to add them to your travel bucket list

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Man Attacked by Babies

Where: Oslo, Norway

Description: This statue at Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo depicts a naked man kicking an angry baby.

Homunculus Loxodontus

Where: Leiden, The Netherlands

Description: This humanoid, elephant-seal cross creature sits on a bench at the Leiden University campus.


Where: Pernambuco, Brazil

Description: This hillside art installation of a giant vagina created some controversy.

The Headington Shark

Where: Oxford, England

Description: You'll think Sharknado was a real thing when you see this statue of a shark crashing through the roof of a house.

Manneken Pis

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Description: This statue of a small boy peeing into a fountain in Brussels has been stolen on multiple occasions.

Fork of Vevey

Where: Vevey, Switzerland

Description: This 26-foot-tall, stainless steel fork pokes out of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.


Where: Rettenberg, Germany

Description: This "cultural monument" mysteriously vanished from a German mountaintop recently.

Man Hanging Out

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Description: The man is doing just that — dangling by one arm from a pole over the streets of Prague.


Where: Bern, Switzerland

Description: Translated to "Child Eater Fountain," the statue literally depicts a man devouring a naked baby.

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