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9 Things To Know About Kyla Ford, Doug Ford's IG Famous Daughter

Doug Ford's daughter recently made news after promoting black market cannabis products on her Instagram page.

This article was originally published in January 2019.

Doug Ford has made a major impact on Ontario - whether the impact good or bad is for you to decide. But, there's no denying that Premier Ford has definitely made his presence known since getting sworn in. His family, on the other hand, has remained relatively low key. Most Ontarians don't know much about his home life apart from his late brother Rob Ford, who was once the mayor of Toronto.

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Unfortunately, after one of his daughters made a misstep online, Ontarians are now taking a closer look at Ford's family. The daughter in question is Kyla Ford who is a fitness influencer on Instagram. Recently, Kyla Ford had to delete a sponsored post on her Instagram feed after Ontarians realized she was promoting a black market cannabis product

Though if the situation did anything besides create controversy, it sparked curiosity about Ford's daughter, especially considering she's pretty big on Instagram. With that in mind, we compiled some basic information on Kyla if you're looking to learn more about her.

She's the owner and operator of "KyKy Kookies," an online cookie shop. 

Apart from Instagram, Kyla created her own online cookie bakery called "KyKy Kookies." The website boasts that the cookie creations use all natural ingredients where possible and has been a passion project of Kyla's since she was a child.

She is the youngest of the four Ford daughters at age 22. 

Kyla has three sisters, Krista, Kara, Kayla. While they all stay relatively low key, Krista found herself in a Twitter scandal back in 2012 when she tweeted "Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don't dress like a whore," in response to a rise in assaults in the city.

She does health and fitness coaching. 

Apart from her cookie business, Kyla also does fitness coaching and offers a ten-week lean body fitness program on her website that is currently on sale for half off.

She has a boyfriend named John who is also a bodybuilder. 

Kyla's boyfriend is just as into working out as she is considering both run Instagram pages centred around bodybuilding and fitness.

She also runs a fitness YouTube channel. 

Apart from her website and her Instagram, Kyla also runs a YouTube channel where she posts workout and recipe videos.

She's a Holistic Nutritionist and IFBB Professional Athlete.

Baking cookies may be her side project but Kyla is also a Holistic Nutritionist and more notably an IFBB Professional Athlete who has been competing for years.

She currently has 99,000+ followers on Instagram as a fitness influencer. 

Kyla's largest following is on her Instagram page where she boasts nearly 100,000 followers where she keeps her fans in the loop on her fitness activities and goals.

She's an ambassador for KH Customs, a fitness competition suit line. 

Like many Instagram influencers, Kyla is also an ambassador for a clothing line. She currently is working with KH Customs, a clothing company that creates competition swimsuits for bodybuilders.

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She is currently under fire for the post above promoting a company called Bodhi Naturals. 

Kyla has been flying under the radar until now after one of her sponsored posts for a company called Bodhi Naturals was discovered. In the post, she promotes a black market cannabis product and since then she has taken down the post after receiving backlash.