9 Hilarious Tim Hortons Memes That Are So Canadian It Hurts

These couldn't be more relatable.
9 Tim Hortons Memes That All Canadians Will Relate To
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As most Canadians know, there are some things that are just so 'Canada' it almost hurts, and Tim Hortons is definitely one of them. The super-Canadian company has been part of our country's identity since 1964 and so many of us could not live without their cheap coffee, delicious donuts, and free wifi. There's something else we Canadians can't live without and that's hilarious Tim Hortons memes.

According to Tim Hortons' website, they serve as many as 5.3 million Canadians every single day, which is a whopping 15% of the population of Canada. This means that almost all Canadians have been to Tims at least once in their life. Therefore, we can all totally relate to these Tim Hortons memes.

Showing just how much Tim Hortons means to Canadians across the country, someone has actually created an Instagram account specifically for Tim Hortons memes, and we are totally here for it.

There's nothing like a good self-deprecating laugh. Poking a little fun at our hyper-Canadian lives is always good for a chuckle. Here are some of the best and most hilarious memes from the Tim Hortons Meme Pageon Instagram. Prepare yourself, they’re beyond relatable. Get ready to smile at your screen for the next few minutes.

Bad Moms: Donut Edition

Nobody likes honey crullers. They are the worst. But they're always, always, always what's left in the box.

Coffee Coma 

There are no actual real-life rules about how many Tim Hortons pumpkin spiced lattes are acceptable in one day, but if you've had 14, you've probably had too many.

Yes, even if it's fall.

Lid-erally Impossible

Have you ever not spilled a Tim's coffee?

Mixed Menu

Tim Hortons just doesn't seem to know if they are coming or going with their new Beyond Meat announcements. After testing them Canada-wide, the company is now reportedly removing them from all stores aside from Ontario and B.C.

Confusing times indeed, Hulk.

Apologies In Advance

Can't go wrong with good, old-fashioned Canadian politeness, right?

Nice While It Lasted

I'm going to miss you, Beyond Meat burger. Even if you did give the whole chain a total identity crisis.

First Love

Girls love Tim Hortons and their S/Os. In that order.

Caution: Hot!

The same face you make when the stupid lid makes you spill hot coffee all over your lap.

Top Tier

No such thing as better than the best.

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Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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