Winter is officially here, and humans aren't the only ones feeling the cold. If you have a dog, then you know that they also have to deal with the chilly weather and the snow. While some dogs go crazy for snow and just dive right into winter, others would probably prefer to be kept warm. Luckily, there are a lot of winter clothes for dogs in Canada who are definitely starting to feel the temperature drop.

How do you choose the right winter outfit for your dog? Well, just like people, dogs have their own distinct personalities, so whatever you get for them to wear should be a reflection of that.

Are they playful and energetic? Maybe bright colours would be a fun choice! Are they the strong silent type? Then you might want to go with something a little more muted, but still fashionable!

If you have a dog that gets excited about winter, then this could be a great opportunity to make sure that they can enjoy it to the fullest! After all, you may just be the kind of person who wants to have their dog with them everywhere.

There are plenty of winter clothing options to choose from out there: hats, scarves, jackets, even awesome little winter boots for each of your dog's paws. We all know just how crazy Canadian winters can get, so you might want to act fast!

Casual Quilted Overall

Price: $74.99

Why You Need It: Does this not look like one of the warmest things ever? It brings back memories of getting bundled up in a giant snowsuit as a kid. But for a dog.

Winter Warm Paw Protectors

Price: $23.90

Why You Need It: Even a dog needs to wear shoes sometimes. And if they have to, why not let them wear some that are stylish and warm?

North Pole Parka

Price: $48 and up

Why You Need It: You ever just look at a coat and think to yourself, "Wow, that looks so warm it probably feels like being in a toaster oven." That's how this coat looks.

Funny Christmas Dog Hat

Price: $26.99

Why You Need It: This is the perfect kind of hat for a dog because it would definitely keep their ears warm, and also dogs can't feel embarrassment.

Dog "Trapper" Hat

Price: $34.65

Why You Need It: Shouldn't your dog be as stylish as a kid from the 1940s during winter?

Hooded Jacket

Price: $21.99

Why You Need It: Just look at the knitting on this sweater. This is the kind of outfit that would make everyone at the dog park jealous (dogs and owners included).

Reindeer Sweater

Price: $27.29

Why You Need It: This is the perfect kind of sweater for attending a Christmas party (and not even the ugly sweater kind, because this one looks great).

Knitted Hat & Scarf

Price: $13.51

Why You Need It: A hat and a scarf? And they match? Come on, how could you pass this up? Doesn't your dog deserve to be warm?

Ugly Christmas Reindeer Scarf

Price: $18.99

Why You Need It: First of all, this scarf isn't even that ugly. Second, you can actually buy yourself a sweater to go with it. Um, yes please!

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