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A 23-Year-Old Canadian Woman Just Won The Most Bizarre Instagram Contest Ever

A 23-year-old Canadian woman was the winner of the most bizarre Instagram contest ever and got a free boob-job out of it.
A 23-Year-Old Canadian Woman Just Won The Most Bizarre Instagram Contest Ever

Social media giveaways are nothing new. Beauty gurus are always giving away makeup and it seems like every well-known YouTuber has done a Macbook giveaway at some point in their vlogging career. Usually, these contests are pretty predictable, but that wasn't the case for a 23-year-old Canadian woman who was the winner of the most bizarre Instagram contest ever

The contest was held by Insta-celebrity Kirill Was Here, also known as @slutwhisperer on the platform. He has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, where he regularly posts about scantily clad women, sex, drugs, and all the crazy fan mail he gets. 

Back in May, however, he hosted an Instagram contest that was like no other. He asked for women to enter the contest in chances of getting an all expenses paid trip to Miami and a free boob-job. You read that right - free breast augmentation surgery. 

One Canadian woman, Kallie Pierron, who is 23-years-old and from the Kelowna, BC area, has been following Kirill for a while now and just entered the contest for fun. Surprisingly she was contacted by Kirill not long after and found out she was one of the four finalists. Then, Kirill had his followers vote on which of the girls should win and Kallie and one other girl came out on top. 

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Just last week the two women were flown to Miami to hang out with Kirill, party a bit, and most importantly get free boob-jobs. The surgeries took place on January 14th, and Kirill pretty much documented it all on his Instagram. 

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The procedures were done by Dr. Michael Salzhuer AKA @therealdrmiami on Instagram. Like Kirill, he also has over 1 million followers online. 

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Kallie also provided regular updates on the trip on her Instagram as well, including a post from two days ago where she reveals she has actually been getting a lot of hate from people because of it. 

None the less, Kallie calls out her haters saying "I have had so much hate for going on this trip, so many people acting like they wouldn't have done the same had the opportunity presented itself to THEM. I call bullshit. But I also have NEVER cared LESS about those people. If you don't like what I do with my life, you know where the door is."

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The rest of the world may think a free boob-job contest is super bizarre but based on Kirill's Instagram he thinks it was super successful. He even says he can't wait to do another free boob-job contest again this year.