A 24-year-old man is in custody after making a series of ISIS-related threats on a Canadian university campus. Police and campus security at the University of Saskatchewan arrested him on campus earlier today. 

Police finally arrested the man after looking for him since last night, when they were alerted about the threatening posts on Facebook. 

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In a series of Facebook posts, the man who claims to be an engineering student at the University of Saskatchewan called on "ISIS warriors" to "bring an end to oppression against women." He also said there would be public executions of "Saudi leaders" on the campus and that the people had "God's permission to do almost anything," like murdering and rioting. 

He was calling the "Saudi leaders" to the Bowl, a part of the U Sask campus by 3 pm today, and said he had the authority to begin killing people if they weren't there. 

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Police have not released many details about the man, but have said that his vehicle was found near the campus. They later found him at U Sask and were able to arrest him with no incidents. 

Police have not confirmed what charges he is facing, but in a similar incident over the summer, Manitoba women were charged with inciting hate after they posted on Facebook about shooting Indigenous people. The U Sask student could be facing similar charges. 

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Police and school staff also confirmed that the University of Saskatchewan remained open throughout the day and is completely safe to the public. 

Source: The Star Phoenix