It looks like we might have to lay off the oysters for a little while. B.C. seafood companies are recalling a brand of Pacific oysters that are linked to the rise of a potential norovirus. This B.C. oyster recall was prompted by reports of a foodborne virus outbreak, as confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), has announced on its website that Union Bay Seafood Ltd., based in Richmond, B.C., has initiated a recall of three different types of oysters from the marketplace. 

According to Richmond News, these brands of oysters have been sold in B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba. CFIA thinks that these oysters may also have been distributed nationally. 

Union Bay is the second B.C. company to recall their oysters in light of investigations into reported illnesses associated with the norovirus. 

Last week, Heriot Bay seafood company and Sawmill Bay Shellfish Co. Ltd., also recalled two brands of Pacific Oysters from the market. 

CFIA is conducting food safety investigations and more seafood products may also be off the table if they discover new information.

You can keep up with the recalls through their updated Food Recall warnings. 

Seafood is quite the staple on the coast, so this news might be hard to swallow.

Just last year, Richmond hotels saw an outbreak of the norovirus among at least 80 people.

Noroviruses "cause gastroenteritis in people," symptoms of which include diarrhea and/or vomiting, as per Health Canada.

It is a contagious disease, so you might have to be extra alert in group settings. Outbreaks of norovirus normally occur when food has been contaminated by food handlers who have the virus. 

Washing your hands thoroughly is a must, as you can expect. Thankfully, long-term health conditions do not normally develop as a result of the virus. 

But nobody likes going to the bathroom continuously for two days, so maybe it's best you take caution. 

You should also be sure to drink as much as water as you can.