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A Beer That Doesn’t Cause Hangovers: Marijuana Beer Is Coming To Canada And Here’s When

Toronto is known as a city that attracts some pretty insane food and drink hybrids, but with marijuana being as popular as it is right now thanks to its impending legalization, are we really that surprised marijuana beer is coming along with it? Either way, marijuana beer is coming and it's definitely nothing like you've ever experienced before! 

The startup, Province Brands began collecting money a few years back to create what they now call "beer-powered by cannabis" and they have some pretty insane claims- the biggest one being that their beer will give you the same buzz you get with alcohol, but you won't wake up with a hangover. 

If you thought they'd merely just be dropping some THC and CBD oil into their brews, you couldn't be more wrong. The Canadian front-runner for cannabis beer actually brews the entire plant in order to get the full benefits- but don't worry, while they've said their trials resulted in some pretty terrible tasting beer, their perfected version tastes like your standard dry beer. 

Via provincebrands

When it comes to this marijuana beer, there is zero alcohol involved but a standard bottle boasts 6.5mg of THC in it. Meaning zero hangover and while you might be thinking the drink will give you an experience similar to eating an edible, the beer's effects actually hit you extremely quickly. 

The brew is set to be introduced into the public market in 2019 once edibles become legal later in the year. Though it's definitely safe to expect a lot more than just marijuana beer hitting the market once it becomes legal. In the meantime, the idea of a buzz with zero hangover involving one of Canada's favourite drinks sure makes marijuana's legalization date a lot more exciting! 

If you're looking for more information on when exactly Province Brands will be hitting the market, you can keep an eye on their website and Twitter for future updates! 

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