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A Bell Canada Employee Reveals Why Bell's Customer Service Is Now Worse Than Ever

Customer service at Bell is getting worse according to a reddit post.
A Bell Canada Employee Reveals Why Bell's Customer Service Is Now Worse Than Ever

We all know how annoying it is to have to deal with customer service on the phone, and it’s a tad awkward when you’re using your phone to call your service provider to complain.

Customers currently with Bell Canada can expect to see a decrease in the level of customer service they get from now on, according to a post on Reddit from someone who says they are a Bell employee.

So, with customer service standards already super low what could make it worse? 

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According to the post, when you used to Bell Canada to complain about your current deal or if you threatened to leave, Bell employees would call you back and offer deals to make things better for you.

Apparently, that isn’t going to be happening anymore. That's despite the fact that the customer service people actually wanted to expand the deals to offer.

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"Our department had been fighting for nearly 2 years to get better offers for us to give people. Hundreds if not thousands of hours on the phone talking to head office to finally convince them to give us something better," they say.

Now if you call Bell and complain, they basically can’t do anything for you to make your bill lighter.

Bell is apparently operating with an average, ‘cost per customer’ in mind and that has dropped so much recently that they’re no longer offering you deals if you complain (for the most part). 

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"Bell has made it clear they'd rather have 1 person paying $200, than 10 people paying $20," the person writes.

According to the post, the only way you could get offered a deal is if Bell knows for sure that you’re leaving on a certain date or if you’ve already left.

"I'm sorry guys, my department is really trying for you. And now we're worse off than we were before," they say sadly to finish the post.