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A Blind Man Is Suing Calvin Harris And This Is Why

We weren't expecting this.

Calvin Harris is known for being a world-renowned DJ, Taylor Swift's ex, and now for angering a blind man. How did that last one slip in there? Let us give you the details. 

Do you remember Calvin's amazing mansion with that beautiful pool? The one where Taylor and Calvin took the swan floaty out for a ride when they were dating? Well, that amazing house is at the centre of this legal battle.

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The man that is suing Calvin Harris is Harry Moscatel. He claims that he leased the infamous home from Calvin Harris last year for $35,000 a month. Moscatel claims that the house had MAJOR problems from the beginning, including hot water and heating issues, faulty doors and a sound system that never worked properly. The last one is definitely ironic.

According to TMZ, Moscatel bailed on the home after all of the problems kept occurring, and now he's claiming that the lease agreement was invalid - in part because he's a 79-year-old blind man and is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

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There is no information right now on why the act would release Moscatel from the lease. 

Another interesting fact about this case is that Moscatel made headlines last year after his hoverboard caught fire and burned down his multi-million dollar home... That's probably why he rented a home from Calvin in the first place.

We'll have to wait and see what happens.