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A Giant 'Blue Moon' Will Appear Over Texas This Month

You do not want to miss this beautiful sight.

Get ready for some long nights spent outdoors because a stunning special moon event will be visible throughout Texas this month and you do not want to miss seeing it. Coming to our Texas skies is what is known as a Blue Moon on May 18th, and it will be beautiful.

Full moons grace our skies typically once a month or 12 times a year. But every few years, the shift in the seasons sometimes cause us to get an extra full moon, making a 13th full moon shine bright above the sky. This Blue Moon shines bright and large all night and even takes on a shimmery blue tint, making it appear supersized in the night sky.

If you've ever used the phrase "once in a blue moon", this is where that saying came from! It typically means that something rare is occurring, similar to how a Blue Moon occurs once only every few years. It is even rarer when the moon takes on an incredibly strong blue hue, which occurs when the atmosphere is filled with a large amount of dust or smoke particles.

For eastern and central Texas cities such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, the Blue Moon will hit its peak on May 18th in the middle of the late afternoon around 4:11 and for west Texas cities it will peak at 3:11. Don't think you'll miss out on the beauty though, because the moon will continue to shine its brightest in its full moon phase all throughout the night.

The Blue Moon blesses us with an incredible sight that is not to be missed. For a serene night of relaxation and beautiful views, take a little trip outside of the city to see this masterpiece of nature. 

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