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A Calgary High School Is Getting Destroyed On Twitter After A Kissing Prank Backed By The Principal Goes Very Wrong

Pranks in high schools aren't a foreign concept, especially when it comes to seniors looking to leave with a bang. Although, one school in Calgary decided to team up with their principals and teachers to orchestrate one of the weirdest pranks we've ever heard of, and it's painfully uncomfortable to watch unfold. 

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The school in question is called Western Canada High School and the prank itself went down at the school's pep rally for the sports teams and athletes. The rally was running normally until a group of male athletes was asked to sit in chairs and allow themselves to get blindfolded while under the impression that they would be kissed by female athletes from the school or their girlfriends. 

What ended up happening was that the mothers of the male students who were blindfolded went up to the boys and kissed them. While most of it was quite tame, most mothers choosing to either hug or quickly peck their sons, one mother proceeded to kiss her son for an uncomfortable amount of time. 

Of course, the whole ordeal ended up on Snapchat and resulted in hundreds of Canadians debating whether this qualifies as bullying and if this prank was inappropriate or not. The situation got so heated that the Calgary Board of Education had to step in and publicly apologize to the parents and students of Western Canada High School claiming it was a prank that "went wrong." 

The principal of the school also made a statement about the situation claiming "the activity was intended to be good-natured; however it did not play out as intended, I would like to apologize for the activity. In hindsight, the school regrets how this unfolded." 

According to students who claim to be friends with the male athlete who had been a part of the most controversial kiss out of the bunch, he's "taking the incident in good humour." Though the "jokes going on don't really help anyone." Twitter users across the country also agreed that the joke wasn't fair: 

WHY is every article I’ve read downplaying this?!? This mother made out with her own child. Her. Own. Child. Calgary high school principal apologizes after video of school kissing ‘prank’ gone wrong posted online

November 3, 2018

high school moms making out with their kids after their he games front of the entire school. yaaaa calgary built different.

November 1, 2018

OK our school did that pep rally thing where all the football guys were blindfolded and go kissed by their moms...but it never turned out like THAT #WesternCanadaHighSchool#oops#ewwCalgary high school officials pull the plug on popular pep rally prank

November 3, 2018

thank god for graduating high school when i did now the grad class make out with their moms at pep rallies. love that for you western canada high school

November 3, 2018

Clearly, Western Canada High School won't be escaping this situation without a reputation of their own. With regard to pep rallies across Canada, they probably are not going to feature the mothers of athletes anytime soon which definitely isn't a bad thing considering how this latest event unfolded.  

Source:Global News 

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