Canada Post has the important job of delivering mail and packages to families all across the country. But it appears one mailman in Montreal got it a little mixed up and was taking things from one family instead. 

The mailman was caught stealing tomatoes from one family's planter and the story was crazy enough to end up on Amercian cable network CNN. 

According to CNN when the family first noticed their tomatoes were missing they just assumed it was squirrels but a security camera later revealed the mailman was actually taking a tomato regularly when he came to drop off their mail. 

The family demanded an apology from Canada Post, who apparently reached out to them when they were made aware of the situation. 

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On one Reddit thread, people weren't reacting so much to the story itself, but the "hard-hitting" nature of Canadian news. 

Many of those responding said this kind of news is super Canadian and what they aspire to see when they check the news every day, which is fair given the sad and often angering images people are used to seeing on the news all the time. 

Via Reddit

The story was also picked up locally on CTV News who reported that Canada Post said they would investigate the incident.