When it comes to the holidays, it's always nice to hear heartwarming stories that involve a local holiday miracle. Though this miracle doesn't come without an insane story that oddly enough involves one cat, a parcel and a 1,200 km journey across Canada. 

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It all started when a Nova Scotian family's one-year-old cat named Baloo crawled into a shipping parcel full of tire rims that the family had prepared to get shipped out. It's presumed that Baloo took a nap once in the box which made it easier for the family to not notice him when they went to go ship the package. As a result, the package's contents, including Baloo began a 17 hour trip to Montréal. 

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Once the cat arrived in Montréal a Purolator worker actually found Baloo and called SPCA Montreal who was able to track down the family over in Nova Scotia. Communications director of the SPCA, Anita Kapuscinska, told CBC News "it could have been a much worse ending so we're very relieved that he's doing fine." 

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Thankfully Baloo is getting ready to head back home to Nova Scotia in time for Christmas. This time he won't be getting there via cardboard box but rather will be transported by Freedom Drivers. The group is an organization who transport animals in between shelters and homes. 

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While the situation has a happy ending, it easily could have gone bad which the SPCA wants to remind Canadians of. Meaning you should always make sure to check your packages thoroughly right before you ship them. Considering you've got no clue if your four-legged friend is hiding inside just trying to enjoy an afternoon nap. 

Source: CBC News