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A Canadian Humane Society Employee Forgot Several Cats In A Vehicle For Three Weeks And Is Now Facing Charges

The employee could be fined up to $20,000 and have a lifetime ban from owning pets.

A staff member of the Edmonton Humane Society is being charged following a terrible ordeal which left multiple cats forgotten inside a vehicle for three weeks.

According to the EHS, animals were picked up from another shelter on March 27. Upon return to Edmonton, three cats were unknowingly left inside the transport vehicle.

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On April 18, the food-less, water-less kitties were finally discovered when staff members were preparing for another animal transfer.

“The cats were immediately assessed by our medical team and veterinarians who reported the cats as being alert and responsive, although dehydrated and hungry,” they said in a statement.

Charges laid against Edmonton humane society employee after cats left in vehicle for 22 days https://t.co/TmOk0nrnq4 #yeg pic.twitter.com/2JNLn21X2A

September 21, 2018

The staff member who has not been named has been charged by the Alberta SPCA under the Animal Protection Act. Charges include permitting animals to be in distress and failing to provide adequate food and water to animals. The individual is facing serious penalties.

For these convictions under the Animal Protection Act, the staff member could face up to $20,000 in fines and could even be banned from owning animals for a lifetime.

Edmonton Humane Society employee charged after cats forgotten in vehicle https://t.co/aKJjjld7oH

September 21, 2018

The employee has been reassigned to administrative duties until a final verdict is reached. A court appearance is due for November 23.

The EHS says they are committed to learning from the incident and ensuring it never happens again. They have taken steps such as hiring a consultant to help develop policies surrounding staff practices. They've also revamped animal transport procedures to include multiple vehicle checks for loading and unloading animals.

On one positive note, the cats have since been adopted by loving families in Edmonton where we hope they're getting some serious snuggles.

Source: Global News