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A Canadian Man Fell 150 Feet While Trying To Take A Photo Of A B.C. Waterfall And The Story Is Crazy

After dropping his phone, the Alberta resident fell down the waterfall in Fintry Provincial Park.
A Canadian Man Fell 150 Feet While Trying To Take A Photo Of A B.C. Waterfall And The Story Is Crazy

Another Canadian has fallen down a waterfall in Vernon, British Columbia today. The man visiting from the neighbouring province of Alberta was with his family when they came across the flowing waterfall in Fintry Provincial Park. 

The family was planning on rock climbing and while the 30-year-old had been well prepared, dropping his phone while taking a photo led things to take a turn for the worse. 

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The man was taking a photo inside the safety rail at the top of the falls when he accidentally fumbled his phone while extending it beyond the fence. The man was attempting to retrieve it which actually lead him to fall almost 150 feet down to the pool at the bottom of the falls. 

Vernon Search and Rescue posted a photo to their Instagram page showing how much steep of a drop the waterfall really is and how the Alberta man is truly lucky to be alive. 

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Still, it took the search and rescue team, plus Kelowna and North Westside Fire Departments and the provinces ambulance services to complete the rescue fully. 

The man's family and friends called 911 after he fell down the waterfall but he was only injured with bruises and scrapes, which the search and rescue director, Trevor Honigman, told CBC was very lucky. 

"We're just amazed that he made it," Honigman said during their interview. 

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This is actually the sixth reported fall down a British Columbia waterfall this summer. Three YouTubers were left dead after climbing Shannon Falls back in June and an Ontario man was killed in Golden Ears Provincial Park in July after being swept under by a current. 

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The director also reported that while the man was slightly injured he is back with his family and friends now. 

After so many tragedies at B.C. waterfalls this summer, it's nice to hear that this story has a happy ending. 

Source: CBC, Global News