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A Canadian Man Is Forced To Be Separated From His Family Because Of A Random Immigration Law And The Story Is Crazy

Canadian citizenship laws are confusing, especially for citizens who were born outside of the country. Especially thanks to a big change in 2009. 

Because of the citizenship rules, a Canadian man has been separated from his children for 7 months because they aren't considered citizens. 

Patrick Chandler is a Canadian citizen, although he was born in Libya. His parents were teaching there at the time but were able to pass their citizenship onto him and the family moved back to Canada when he was two. 

Just like Chandler himself, his kids were born abroad. But by the time he found out they couldn't have his Canadian citizenship passed down, it was too late. 

Chandler's kids were both born in China, where he was working at the time. Being a Canadian citizen he assumed his children could automatically get citizenship. It wasn't until he was almost done registering his newborn daughter at the Canadian Embassy in China that he found out she wasn't eligible because he had been born in Libya. 

According to Canada's laws, the first generation of children born abroad to Canadian citizens can have the citizenship passed down (in this case that is Chandler) but the second generation born abroad (Chandler's kids) cannot. 

In a weird twist, Chandler's daughter couldn't be a Chinese citizen either, despite being born there. So Chandler's daughter is neither a Candian or Chinese citizen but instead a citizen of Ireland,  thanks to his Irish heritage. 

His son, who was also born in China, was also ineligible for his citizenship but he is registered as a citizen of China. 

Chandler has been trying to sponsor his family to come to Canada for 7 months now. He moved back when he started a new job in BC. 

Source: CTV

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