It's no news to anyone that there are currently scammers targetting Canada who pretend to be from the CRA, or Canada Revenue Agency. Last week, it was reported that the scammers are getting more tactful and aggressive with their methods.

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You may have even received the call yourself, which claims that a random audit has identified that you owe the Canadian government thousands of dollars. Oh, and if you don't pay up, they claim that you're going to be arrested by the police. 

We've noticed a spike today in reports to police about the #CRAScam. Callers are very aggressive and threatening. What should you do? Hang up the phone immediately! It's not rude, and could help protect you. Never give up personal info. @canantifraud

April 12, 2018

While all of this is fake, it has actually caused Canadians to lose their money in the scam.

That's when one Canadian man took it upon himself to begin trolling the scammers since they waste so much of our time. He (and his insanely cute cats) decided to call the scammers back and luckily posted the YouTube video to Reddit.  

Throughout the video, the poster, Greg McBride, can be seen and heard questioning the scammers as to why he's going to be arrested. He filmed multiple videos of him (and his insanely cute cats) trolling them and uploaded it onto YouTube. 

At first, he simply asks which municipality records the conversation after being told the phone call is being monitored (1:22). The scammer responds rudely with a "don't interrupt me" (1:52).

Via Greg McBridge via YouTube

Not only that, they also threaten a felony charge which actually doesn't exist in Canada (2:32). When McBride brings that up, he's told "don't try to be smarter than me" by the scammer (2:57). 

Another clever troll is when McBride calls them back about their audit for his cat, Taco Lopez (3:03) or the audit for our national icon, Celine Dion, complete with music (5:35). He also questions why they can't speak french if it is a federal service, considering it's Canada's second national language (5:19). 

Via Greg McBridge via Youtube

At the very end, you can see the CRA scammers get frustrated with McBridge's trickery. After being transferred to a "supervisor", he is told not to call back and a few unsavoury words are used to describe him (8:10).

It's one thing to scam people but to swear at them too is just distasteful. Good on Greg for giving the scammers bothering Canadians a taste of their own medicine.